Josh Gordon: 5 things to know about the NFL player

Talk about talent, height, passion for the game, and even good looks, Josh Gordon has it all; the Cleveland Browns wide receiver is undeniably good at football despite his obvious shortcomings. He gives his fans a reason to smile every time he plays. He was even nicknamed “Flash” due to his speed on the pitch. Read on to learn some quick facts about the American football star.

Age and early life

Joshua Caleb Gordon was born on April 13, 1991 in Houston, Texas to Elaine and Herald Gordon. He attended Lamar High School and was always strong as a little boy and also actively involved in sports. He participated in high school sports such as running, football, and basketball. In junior football, Josh caught 20 passes for 363 yards and four touchdowns. In his senior year, he averaged 21.2 and was named first-team all-district 20-5A. He excelled tremendously in high school athletics.

Josh Gordon was a varsity 3 star wide receiver and he had a lot of varsity teams lining up for his signature. Famous American football teams like Baylor, Houston, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas Tech all wanted him on their team. Of the many teams, Gordon chose Baylor University on the schools team as a scholarship athlete.

Josh Gordon’s Career and Drug Problems

Gordon was impressive at Baylor and worked very hard, but his use of hard drugs and alcohol became a huge challenge for the young receiver. In 2010, he was found asleep after taking drugs. In another incident, police found marijuana in his car while he was with teammate Willie Jefferson near a local restaurant. Willie, who has been suspended multiple times for substance abuse, was kicked off the team, while Josh, who was a rookie at the time, was suspended.

In the second half of 2011, Josh was suspended yet again for testing positive for marijuana in a drug test. He was inactive for the whole year and in 2012 he signed a four-year contract with Cleveland Browns. This transaction enriched him by $5.3 million. The 2012 season was amazing for him as he recorded 50 catches, 805 yards and 5 touchdowns, making him the best wide receiver. In the same season, he scored against the New York Giants and finished with two catches for 82 yards and two touchdowns. He scored again against the Oakland Raiders with six catches for 116 yards and a touchdown. The season ended with the catcher scoring against Kansas City Chiefs with eight strikes.

In 2013, Gordon was again suspended for substance abuse. He was reinstated after two games and he recorded 261 receiving yards, breaking the NFL record and becoming the first wide receiver to have two consecutive games with at least 200 receiving yards, earning him the player of the year award for the season. was also named a first-team All-Pro.

2014 was a very difficult year for Gordon who was suspended and ended up only playing five games. He finished the 2014 season with 24 passes, 303 yards, and zero touchdowns. His struggles continued for two years for Josh Gordon, suspended for the entire 2015 season, permanently suspended and reinstated in 2016 for substance abuse. Gordon decided to enroll in a rehabilitation center stating that it was the best decision for his general well-being.

Here are 5 facts about the NFL player

1. Josh Gordon has a daughter named Emma with ex-girlfriend Christina Lockhart who lives in Maple Heights. Josh initially refused to accept his responsibility as a father until Christina filed a lawsuit against the Cleveland Brown receiver. It took her a whole year before Josh accepted responsibility for her baby. He was arrested and detained before complying with court orders. A DNA test was carried out and Josh could no longer deny being the father of Christina’s baby. He agreed to be financially and physically responsible for her.

2. He started doing drugs as a little boy not knowing that his little habit would affect him and his future career.

3. Josh is a typical example that talent is not enough to succeed in life and a lot has to be put in place to reach enviable heights in life. He had been an underachiever despite his enormous talents. He has come to realize that his drug addiction is a setback and he is doing everything in his power to win this battle like he does on the pitch.

4. His height is any footballer’s toast. Josh stands at an enviable height of 6ft 3in, with a well-built frame that can tell anyone he’s a hardcore. His birth sign is Aries, he has two brothers whose names are not known and is of Haitian descent.

5. There are various reports on what the actual estimate of his net worth is. While values ​​him at $4 million, another site,, puts him at $1 million. It is therefore not certain to know the real figure.

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