Jon Paul Steuer – Biography, Life, Death and Cause of Death

The name Jon Paul Steuer has long since disappeared from the entertainment scene, however, the former child actor and musician will always be remembered for his notable roles in films and television series. Best of all among his numerous exploits is his portrayal of the character of Alexander Rozhenko on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jon Paul’s recurring role on Grace Under Fire (ABC show) made him the first to regularly play the role of Quentin Kelly. Another notable role he will remember is his Johnny “Viper” -Vennaro character in Little Giants – a 1994 kiddie comedy film. The young talent also dabbled in music and later branched out into the hospitality industry, where she co-owned a restaurant in Portland, Oregon with chef Sean Sigmon. Unfortunately, he met his untimely death in his prime.

Jon Paul Steuer – biography

The talented bundle that was Jon Paul Steuer was born on March 27, 1984 in the United States of America, Escondido, California to be exact. He attended Crested Butte Community School. Jon Paul was only three years old when he expressed his desire to break into the entertainment industry as an actor. With few details known about his parents and siblings, it was his mother who took him to sign up for kid model shows at local malls.

Luckily for the aspiring entertainer, it was a coincidence that one of the children performing didn’t show up for his role. Jon Paul quickly jumped into the opening, showing off his acting skills on stage. He was so good that he attracted the attention of a talent agent who wasted no time in approaching his mother with an offer. Within a year, the budding actor landed several supporting roles on TV shows, as well as a few guest roles.

lifetime achievements

It became blatant that when Jon Paul Steuer made his acting debut at the tender age of 4, the California-born and raised young talent grew in Escondido for the first time on Day by Day – a 1988 television series in which he played the character of Scotty Gilbert. In 1987, he appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, creating the character of Alexander Rozhenko, who was portrayed as Worf’s son.

Almost five years later, Jon Paul Steuer took on his leading role in Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn – A 1993 made-for-television film in which he portrays the role of Travis Hearn. Although he left the acting scene early, he went on to a wealth of notable productions before bowing out in 2003 at the age of 12. Late for Dinner in 1991, his 1993 role appeared on the set of Amityville: A New Generation and the next year he joined the cast of Little Giants – A Warner Bros Film directed by Steven Spielberg.

Jon Paul Steuer played hard when he worked hard; he enjoyed a lot of sports with ice hockey being one of his favorites. He was also good at roller blade hockey, computer games, snowboarding, reading and skiing. He seemed very close to his parents as he liked to camp with them from time to time. He was obviously an animal lover and had a few pets, a rabbit named Robbi and a dog named Texaco.

Jon Paul switched his talent to music when he moved to Denver, Colorado in 2003. He co-founded and charismatic frontman of a glam punk band called Kill City Thrillers, later renamed Soda Pop Kids. During his time with the band he used the stage name Jonny P. Jewels. After leaving the band he played with a few other groups before retiring from the entertainment scene. The last band he played with was a punk band popular by the name PROBLEMS and he was known to spend his time djaying in the city of Portland.

In 2015, Jon Paul Steuer was in the hospitality business when he floated a restaurant in collaboration with chef Sean Sigmon. The restaurant known as Harvest at the Bindery was a vegan restaurant in northeast Portland. Unfortunately, the restaurant was permanently closed after his death.

His death and cause of death

Weapons have claimed many lives not only through murder, but also through accidents or even suicide. Jon Paul Steuer died at gunpoint on January 1, 2018 and his death was ruled a suicide.

His case was a self-inflicted gunshot wound that happened in Portland, Oregon. The talented performer and restaurateur was only 33 at the time of his passing, which forced his restaurant to close. After his death, his punk bandmates PROLEMS wasted no time in announcing the heartbreaking news on their Facebook page.

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