Jon Erik Hexum – Biography, Brother, Parents, Age, Height, Death

Acting action movies involve many risks Actors on the set have to perform some risky stunts and in some cases they have to handle weapons. There have been cases of action film actors being seriously injured on set and taken to the emergency room. Some survive, others aren’t so lucky, and unfortunately, Jon Erik Hexum falls into the latter category. While filming the action TV series Reveal in 1984, the actor accidentally blew his head with a.44 Magnum pistol, Hexum was pronounced brain dead six days later despite being flown to the ER, curtailing his rosy career. Remembering the actor, here’s a look at his brief stint in Hollywood, along with some facts about his personal life.

Jon Erik Hexum’s Biography, Dude

In the town of Englewood, New Jersey on November 5th, 1957Jon Erik Hexum was born, and like most actors, his love of acting was instilled at an early age, and he began acting as early as the fourth grade, in elementary school.

Hexum attended Tenafly High School and graduated in1976. In addition to acting, Hexum also proved to be very gifted musically. He was part of the school orchestra, playing both violin and horn. At home he played the piano. After high school, Hexum moved to Cleveland to attend Case Western Reserve University, where he majored in biomedical engineering. A while later he transferred to Michigan State University to take courses in philosophy.

An athletic individual from a young age, Hexum continued to play on the varsity football team during his time at Michigan State. Additionally, Hexum began DJing on local radio stations nicknamed the Yukon Jack. Hexum graduated from MSU in 1980 and a few days later moved to New York City in hopes of pursuing an acting career.

To afford basic needs, Hexum took on menial jobs, including cleaning apartments for money. Fortune smiled on him when he was spotted by Bob LeMond, who was by then directing John Travolta (who had already become a movie star). LeMond took an interest in him and urged him to move to Los Angeles, which he did in 1981.

Unfortunately, Jon Erik Hexum didn’t land the first role he auditioned for; the role that was for the romantic comedy film, Summer Lovers went to Peter Gallagher. Although he didn’t get the role, the exposure set him up for success as he was soon cast as one of the main characters in the NBC series Travellers! Therefore, his first role was his breakthrough role. He played the role of Phineas Bogg for 20 episodes and was paid $10,000 for a week’s work. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after just one season.

Still, the gruff-looking Jon Erik Hexum rose higher with each role. He appeared in the 1983 romantic television film, Making a Male Model and the 1984 biopic, The Bear . On the small screen, he earned a guest spot on the ABC drama show. Hotel . Hexum’s next starring role was as an undercover CIA agent named Mac Harper on the CBS action drama Reveal . Unfortunately, this would be Hexum’s final role as he died following an accident on the set.

parents and brother

Jon Erik Hexum was born to parents Gretha and. BornThorleif Hexum, both from Norway. Unfortunately, Hexum became a product of a broken home when his parents separated in 1961 when Hexum was just 4 years old. After the split, Jon would be raised by their mother in Tenafly, Bergey County, New Jersey along with his older brother Gunnar Hexum.

Jon Erik Hexum’s death

Jon Erik Hexum’s death was tragic to say the least. It was October 12, 1984 when Hexum was filming on the set Revealwhen he had a.44 magnum pistol and blanks. After filming was delayed because the director was unimpressed with the results, Hexum became bored and restless to try to improve his mood. Hexum removed all but one blank from the functional pistol and began playing Russian roulette, hoping that the functional pistol with blanks (which used paper or plastic floss to seal the gunpowder) was harmless, which unfortunately he did not know that a shot at close range could do real damage. Hexum placed the gun on his right temple and pulled the trigger. The bullet fractured his skull and he was taken to the emergency room. Despite a five-hour operation, Hexum was unable to make it as six days later, on October 18, 1984,

Hexum was a California organ donor card bearer upon his death and as a result 6 of his organs including his heart were donated to save lives. 20th Century Fox Television and Glen A. Larson Productions are both behind the production of Reveal would compensate Hexum’s mother in an out-of-court settlement.

At the time of his death, Hexum was in a relationship with actress and singer Elizabeth “EG” Daily.


Jon Erik Hexum was a handsome man, charming, and exuded a great deal of confidence, a trait he cited as one of his strongest. His height of 6ft 1in certainly contributed to his confidence.

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