Jon Cryer – Bio, Wife, Height, Net worth, Son, Is he gay or married to a woman?

A lot of people who saw Two and a Half Men ( and they were a lot) would know Jon Cryer. He played Charlie Sheen’s cheap TV loser brother and later Ashton Kutcher’s roommate on the series. Before he achieved the gold that was his roles in this particular film, he had a string of failed television projects, but as an actor, it only takes one successful project to go from obscure relative to global superstar, just ask Robert Downey jr

Today, Jon Cryer is a household name of significant wealth and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Find out more about the American actor below, including his career history and background.

Jon Cryer’s biography

Jon Cryer is a man with a wrong career. For many actors, the challenge is finding a successful film career after achieving decent success on television. For Cryer, the opposite was true. He would later tick the criteria for success for both mediums with the production of Two and a Half Men. It was the culmination of a journey that began on April 16, 1965 in New York City when he was born to Gretchen Cryer and Donald David Cryer.

Both his parents were professional creatives, with shared skills as singers and actors, while his mother is also a playwright and songwriter. After watching the life of his parents for twelve years, Jon decided to start a life as an actor and set out to make that dream come true by attending the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center during the summers while living in the Bronx attended high school of science. His passion drove him to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, a decision not welcomed by his mother.

It all went very well for the actor, who received his first acting credit in Torch Song Trilogy , a Broadway play in 1983, starring David. His first on-screen appearance was for the romantic comedy No Little Thing , in which he was cast at the age of 19 as the lead role, Pretty in Pink which was released in 1986.

By the time Pretty in Pink’s waves had died down, Jon Cryer was firmly on the list of the best comedians in the business. This led to more roles in films such as Hidden (1987), Guys (1987), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), Hot Shots (1991) and many more. Jon Cryer followed in his mother’s footsteps and wrote a film called Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God…back at five The film was well received by critics, making for a successful outing for Jon as a writer.

However, while he has proven himself capable, he was a writer and a fine actor with success on the big screen and kept hitting blunders on the small screen. He appeared in three shows as part of the lead role, all of which were canceled in the first few seasons, before being cast as Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men. Aside from his failures as a lead in one show, Jon Cryer has been a guest cast member in other shows such as Dharma & Greg , Get Personal , Family Guy , The Trouble With Normal , Hey Joel , The Exercise among some others.

Since his role as Alan Harper, which he starred in for 262 episodes, starred in every single episode of the show throughout its twelve seasons, won two Emmys Awards and was nominated for seven other awards, he has starred in other series such as American Dad , Mom , NCIS , Will & Grace , and Supergirl where he currently appears as Lex Luthor on the hit CW show. Jon Cryer is also an author who published his memoir entitled, That’s How It Happened: A Memoir

Wealth (income and earnings)

Casting a hugely successful show like Two and a Half a Man would surely make anyone rich. Add in the movie and television credits that go back up to half a century and you’ll be a rich man. In that regard, Jon Cryer is a wealthy man, worth $65 million, a stark contrast to his character as Alan Harper.

Is Jon Cryer gay or married to a woman?

Jon Cryer’s personality is that of a female straight male, but as is usual for hunks in the entertainment industry, there have been rumors that he is gay, including suspicions from his fellow actors. However, the gay personality is an aspect written into his character in Two and a Half Men, meaning it was just a representation and not a real-life situation. Jon Cryer is a straight man who is currently in a conjugal relationship with a woman.

wife and son

Jon Cryer has been married twice; He was the first married to Sarah Trigger in 1999 and had a son together, Charlie Austin, whom they raised until their divorce in 2004. He married for the second time, Lisa Joyner, an entertainment journalist, and it seemed to last the second time. From the marriage, which has existed since June 2007, an adoptive girl named Daisy emerged.


Some of Jon Cryer’s characters lean on his short height, standing at 5 feet 9 inches with a body weighing 74 kg. Although he has spent much of his career playing the unfit man with Papa Bod, he is currently sporting a fit body with a beard featured.

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