Jerod Mixon – Biography, Net worth, Weight, Height, Facts

An American actor, comedian, writer, and producer, all in all, Jerod Mixon is a talent ball, but one that has yet to peak in his entertaining career. Although he started acting in 1997, his first popular gig came in 2003 on the set of a comedy film Old School

Aside from acting, Jerod Mixon has also worked in the industry’s production and writing departments. Here you will find all the information about the American actor.

Jerod Mixon – biography

His birthday is listed as May 24, 1981 and he was born in Port Hueneme, California. The identity of his parents has not been released, but it is clear that Jerod was born to African American parents judging by the color of his skin and other physical characteristics. He’s not the only entertainer in the family. Jerod is the older brother of Jamal Mixon, a popular actor who portrays the character of Ernie Klump Jr. in the acclaimed film The Nutty Professor , followed by its sequel, Nutty Professor II: The Lumps Both brothers have experienced good times and bad together and stick with it. Aside from Jamal, there is no record of a sister in the family or any other brother.

Jerod Mixon has also not shared his childhood memories with the public and this includes the schools he attended and the extent to which he acquired his educational qualifications. Despite this, he began acting professionally in 1997 and has remained in the spotlight to this day. He made his debut in a 1997 episode of Malcolm & Eddie Although it didn’t start off particularly well, his performance in Me, Me & Irene as Shonté Jr. Baileygates, son of Jim Carrey His character made him more popular with actors. His role in the 2000 dark comedy film remains one of the most recognizable and gives an impetus to its actors. Another significant role came his way in 2002 when he was cast for the filmThe new guy

Jerod has a small role in his TV cache, which he played in an episode of Scrubs He played the role of an obese patient named Herbert in an episode of the American television series Medical Comedy-Drama. The Scrubs episode he appeared in is called “My New Suit”. His biggest breakthrough came in 2003 when the role of Weensie in Old School defined his talent as an actor.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Yet to break into the mainstream of fame and fortune,Jerod Mixon didn’t make his first million as an actor. His net worth as of 2019 is an estimated $200,000 which is not bad considering he has not been in many projects. In contrast, his brother doubles that amount as his net worth, which is estimated at $400,000.

weight size

Additionally, starring an obese patient in an episode of Scrubs, Jerod Mixon is actually overweight. Both Mixon brothers have gained so much weight over the years that it has become their trademark. A look at their physical properties suggests they weigh several tons, but actual figures to support this claim have not been released. Its size is also not known.

Facts about Jerod Mixon

1. He is often referred to as Big Tyme among other nicknames he might have. This probably has something to do with his weight and build.

2. The uncanny resemblance between Jerod and his brother Jamal has come in handy in their professional acting careers. The brothers co-starred in the film The Cookout In the film they played twins named Willie and Nelson and their performance was very convincing despite having a few years between them.

3. Appearing in the aforementioned sports/comedy gave Jerod a platform to rub shoulders with some of Hollywood’s greats like Queen Latifah and Danny Glover.

4. His credit as a producer is the White T and he not only produced the 2013 comedy-rap film but also portrayed one of the characters.

5. He is present on social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook followed by more than 3,000 fans. With the latter, his fans have yet to reach 1,000.

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