Jeremy Buendia – biography, girlfriend, height, weight, net worth

Jeremy Buendia is an IFBBet professional fitness model contestant. This charming model is of Filipino origin. As a young man, after his football career ended, he focused solely on bodybuilding. very well trained and prepared before taking part in a competition.

the biography

Jeremy Buendia was born on the 10th day of October 1990 in Roseville, California. As a child, he was motivated by his father, a non-professional bodybuilder. This eventually pushed him to venture into bodybuilding early in life. As he grew up, Jeremy had this innate competitive nature, and it was one of the main reasons he was able to climb the ladder of success.

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When Jeremy Buendia was in high school, he developed interests in football. During his school days, he was proficient as a double. Jeremy managed to win the Leagues honor despite picking up an injury. Unfortunately, he later quit football due to several injuries and college obligations. Nevertheless, his relentlessness motivated him to embark on bodybuilding.


Buendia is a professional bodybuilder and weightlifter. He ventured into the career due to his vast experience in weightlifting. After graduating from high school, he decided to take part in competitions. His first competition pushed him into professional competition. A stubborn Buendia landed sixth place in the 2008 INBF Capital Natural Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Championship standings. His sixth-place finish didn’t sit well with him. So he decided to step away from the spotlight to train more intensely, learn from his past experiences and come back with a better physique.

After a few years of backbreaking work and perseverance, Jeremy returned to the show with an incredible physique. At 17, he took the stage and literally impressed everyone. He won the competition and won his first show at the 2010 Contra Costa Championships. Crediting his early success, Buendia knew bodybuilding was his ardor. He closed out the year by taking 3rd place at the 2010 NPC California State Building Championships and he also prepared for more prestigious competitions.

Jeremy Buendia had taken a break a year before he started seeing results. In the beginning, he was lucky to be the runner up in the 2012 NPC California Governor’s Cup Championships. In the same year, he won the NPC Excalibur. After that, he started preparing for one of the most competitive challenges he was to face at the 2013 NPC Amateur Grand Prix in Los Angeles. He won that show and he went on to win the number 1 position at the NPC Excalibur Championships. After Buendia won some of the toughest shows he’s been on, he got his pro card.

From 2013

Jeremy began to prepare for one of the most important competitions in his career. It was the 2013 NPC Junior Championships, and in no time he showed his full potential. After spending so much time dieting and engaging in rigorous exercise, Buendia showcased her well-built physique and won the show. Jeremy Buendia managed to obtain his professional card after this competition. He then qualified for the IFBB Professional League competition. Jeremy knew he would be among the men with the best physique in the world at Mr.Olympia. After receiving his business card, he was overjoyed, knowing that his dream had come true.

Yet in 2013 Jeremy won the Sacramento Pro, IFBB and Greater Gulf States Pro before stepping forward to take the stage at the 2013 Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia; where he won the number 2 position.

Consequently, Jeremy Buendia was thrown into a melancholy because he placed 2nd and promised himself that it wouldn’t happen again. Through hard work and determination, he won the top spot at the 2014 IFBB San Jose Pro and also won the 2014 Mr.Olympia. Jeremy won Mr. Olympia twice in a row; beat the other contestants who participated in the 2015 and 2016 version of the show.

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Jeremy Buendia’s girlfriend

There is no information about his current girlfriend but sources reveal that he once dated Narmin Assria. Narmin was an IFBB Pro Bikini champion.

Height and width

Buendia has good height and body structure. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 75 kg.

Net value

In 2017, Buendia’s net worth was estimated at around $1 million, with an annual salary of $300,000 and a monthly salary of $25,000.

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