Jason Dolley – Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Gay, Net worth, Where is he now?

Every kid loves Disney! And if they could star in a Disney show too, we’re sure it would be any kid’s dream come true. For young Jason Dolley, his dreams were like any other child’s, but unlike others, his dreams were fulfilled when he landed a role in a film at the age of eleven.

Before getting his first role, he first appeared on stage with his brother during a talent show where they performed Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First. After that, he began acting in various films, including several Disney shows, which caused his popularity in the industry.

Jason Dolley has since risen to be a great actor and musician who we know just keeps putting out better stuff when it comes to the entertainment industry. But despite his busy acting schedule, he still makes time for family, friends, and other activities outside of acting.

Jason Dolley bio, dude

Jason Scott Dolley was born on July 5, 1991 in Los Angeles, California to a family of four with his parents Larry and Michelle Dolley and a brother Jeffery Dolley. You could tell he was a smart student as he consistently got good grades in high school. After graduating from high school, he attended Moorpark College, where he took some courses and later graduated from California Lutheran University. He was an active member in the church and regularly served as a member of the youth group. He also enjoys playing piano and guitar, paintball, video games and of course soccer with friends.

He began his acting career at the age of eleven as the lead in the award-winning 2004 short film Chasing Daylight. He was also featured in Complete Savage , an ABC series that was canceled in 2005 due to poor ratings. His other films are; Save Shiloh, read it and cry, among others. He was in the Duracell commercial, a campaign; Familiar everywhere. In 2007, the actor took part in the Disney Channel Game in the second edition and was on the yellow team.

The Disney Channel show, Cory in the House , earned him a Young Artist Award nomination. He starred in the TV series Minuteman in 2008, where he played the role of Virgil Fox, and in the same year he was in the third edition of the Disney Channel Game, but now on the green team. He made a guest appearance in Disney’s Imagination Movers as the prince. His other Disney Channels shows include: Hatching Pete in 2009, he portrayed the character Pete Ivy.

He is not only an actor but also a musician who writes songs like; Baby it’s you, you’re beautiful, in my heart, etc.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Jason Dolley has made both fame and fortune for himself in the industry. With such speed and looking at the current location, it is certain that he is still on the move and as such will still make more money for himself. After only a few years in the industry, it’ll be said that he’s not doing badly at all with his recent estimated net worth of $500,000, especially considering that not everyone who started out back then did so well.

Personal Life – His girlfriend or is he gay?

As a handsome celebrity, the young man is expected to have ladies everywhere, and Jason doesn’t fare too badly in that regard. He was reported to have been in a relationship with his Cory in the House co-star Maiara Walsh in January 2004. However, the relationship didn’t last long until they split that same year. He dated American actress Debby Ryan and dated Brenda Song in October 2008, a relationship that only lasted a year.

He dated Bridget Mendler but they broke up in July 2010 and after Bridget split he started dating his Hatching co-star Pete Josie Lopez but that also went south. At the moment, the actor seems to be on a hiatus when it comes to relationships as we haven’t heard anything about his relationship with anyone else. He’s probably just about to start his career and will deal with one later, but for now Jason is single and not in any relationship that we know of.

From the foregoing, all of the relationships Jason Dolley has had have been with ladies, and it would be fair to say that he’s definitely not gay, at least that’s all we know for now.

height and weight

Most of the time in Hollywood, talent is never enough, and for most, their selling point is their physical appearance. The handsome actor is 5 feet 10 inches tall, average for a male actor but definitely not bad. He weighs 66 kg and was born on July 5th. His horoscope is Cancer.

Where is he now?

Jason Dolley hasn’t been seen a lot lately, but we think he’s working on something and will be making a big comeback. He recently shared a photo of him and some of his Good Luck Charlie castmates and they were really happy in each other’s company in the photo. Her fans, who can’t wait to see the whole cast back together, were happy too.

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