James Ransone Biography- 5 Interesting Facts You Must Know

James Ransone is an American actor who has gained recognition both as a hero on screen and as a hero in real life. His role as Tate, an angry teenager, in Ken Park garnered widespread attention and propelled his career to unexpected heights. He is also known as Ziggy Sobotka in the HBO crime series The Cable , Cpl. Josh Ray Person in the war drama miniseries Generation Kill and The Deputy in the horror film Unheimlich

James Ransone – biography

Ransone was born on June 2, 1979 to Joyce(née Peterson) and James Finley Ransone II in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He was named James Finley Ransone III after his father, a Vietnam War veteran. His middle name is of Scottish origin, meaning righteous warrior or hero. What better nickname could there be for a war veteran’s son?

From his name one might conclude that he must have some Scottish roots after all. Contrary to what you might think The First Actor has a cocktail of heritage, but Scottish isn’t one of them. He is of Italian, English, German and Irish descent.

In 1993, Ransone attended the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, a Baltimore magnet school, where he studied first theater and then fine arts. He graduated in 1997 and went to Manhattan, New York, where he studied for a year at the School of Visual Arts.

While he wasn’t raised in the military, James Finley is a sought-after hero in the entertainment industry. Ransone has built his career to an enviable position, recording over sixty roles in films and TV shows. James Ransone is also a real hero. He foiled an attempted rape in April 2006 when he responded to his neighbor’s calls for help and finally saved her by fending off her attacker with a metal bar.

His career

James Ransone began his acting career in the early 2000s. He starred in an episode of the legal drama series, Law & Order in 2001 and was cast in the 2001 film, The American Astronaut Since then he has appeared in dozens of films, short films and television shows.

He stirred audiences as an angry teenager, Tate, who brutally killed his grandparents in the drama film Ken Park (2002). Ransone appeared in the 2006 Spike Lee heist thriller Insider and on television he had a recurring role on the crime series, The Cable as Ziggy Sobotka, written by author and television writer David Simon. He met the writer in Generation Kill (2008) as Cpl. Josh Ray Person and Treme (2011).

Ransone had a recurring role on the comedy series How to Make It in America in 2010. He appeared in the AMC drama series Low Winter Sun (2013) following his role in the drama film Starlet and horror film Uncanny in 2012. He returned for the Uncanny sequel in 2015. In June 2014, he joined the cast of the western film Down the Valley of Violence (2016) and co-starred in the comedy-drama film Mandarine the following year.

He starred in the mystery thriller film Gemini (2017) opposite Zoe Kravitz and John Cho, the 2018 horror film Family Blood starring Ajiona Alexus, and the 2019 sci-fi thriller Captive State Ransone landed recurring roles in the police drama series Bosch (2016) and the crime TV drama Mosaic (2018). In 2018, he was cast in a regular role as astronaut Nick Fletcher in the Hulu space epic, The First , directed by Sean Penn and created by Beau Willimon.

5 interesting facts you need to know about James Ransone

1. Ransone had a drug addiction

When James Ransone was 27, he weighed 115 pounds, had developed a heroin addiction and was $30,000 in debt. Suddenly, the realization dawned on him that he would eventually end up dead or where he never dreamed and it would be nobody’s fault but his own.

By this time, Ransone had had some success in the career field. He’s appeared in a few hit films and TV shows and a few bands, including the NYC metal band Early Man , but he knew he wanted more than a successful career. He also wished for a prosperous life.

He radically changed his lifestyle, relocating to the African country of Namibia for seven months and immersing himself in his role on the HBO war drama miniseries Generation Kill Although he admitted that change in any form is painful, he is grateful that it has happened.

2. His net worth

The heroin addict who once owed $30,000 has become an indie hero. He has acted in many successful films, which in turn have given rise to it. James Ransone has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

3. His relationship was one of the forces that drove him to change

Before joining the cast of the HBO series Namibia, Ransone was involved in a five-year relationship. Although he claimed to have loved her dearly, his addiction put a strain on their relationship. According to Ransone, she was fed up with his problems and eventually decided to leave. Of course, junkies don’t tend to make best friends.

4. It was his relationship that changed his path as well

Some of the transformative relationships he’s had were with men through friendships. Ransone met two Marines, Eric Kocher and Jeff Carrizales, in Namibia, on whom the miniseries was partially based. He credited them with reconnecting him with himself. As a junkie, they forced him to grow up and look at things differently. He calls these men the best experience of his life so far.

5. He was cast in the 2019 film – It: Second Chapter

Ransone has been cast in the highly-anticipated sequel to the adult Eddie Kaspbrak’s sought-after part It, It: Chapter Two

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