James Franciscus – Biography, Wife, Children, Life, Death and Cause of Death

James Franciscus ended his career with more roles in such projects as Miracles of the White Stallions (1963), Treasure of the Snow (1968), Under the Planet of the Apes (1970), The Dream Makers (1975), When Time’s Up (1980), Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1981), Secret Weapons (1985) and many others.

His most notable works are TV series Lange Straße (1971-1972) and Herr Novak (1963-1965) and films, The Naked City and The Investigators.

Family: wife and children

The late actor’s first record of falling in love was with Jane Fonda, whom he met while working at a stock exchange theater the summer after graduating from college. The resemblance was mutual between the two as they later even started a relationship. Jane admitted in her autobiography that James Franciscus was the first man she fell in love with. However, when the actor proposed, she turned him down.

Over the course of 3 years, Franciscus fully healed from what was believed to be his first major heartbreak. He fell in love with the daughter of film director William A. Wellman – Kathleen Wellman and on March 28, 1960 the two were pronounced husband and wife. They had 4 daughters (Jamie, Kellie, Korie and Jolie), a record number of children for a Hollywood star at the time.

Over the course of their barely-decade-old marriage, the couple split in what otherwise seemed like a strong marriage. It is noteworthy that at this point James Franciscus never allowed his work to interfere with his family responsibilities. Because of his contracts, he doesn’t have to work at a time when he has dinner with his family or even on weekends.

Despite all of that, when the cancer worm of the marriage struck, it ate deep into the love that once brought Kathleen and James together. After their separation in the late ’70s, he had custody of all their children, but when they divorced amicably, they divided parenting responsibilities, with the younger girls staying with their mother while the older ones stayed with their father.

James Franciscus remarried to Carla Ankney in 1980. He was still married until his death in 1991.

Life, Death and Cause of Death

The Clayton, Missouri native actor lived a life that was adored by many people, while on some forums others expressed their dislike for him, mainly due to a character they saw him play. Overall, he’s had a lucrative career, been an enthusiastic father, and possibly a husband. However, when death came, both his admirers and detractors expressed their sadness at his death, and we assume you will too.

James Franciscus has been described as a heavy smoker who never went a day without having his fill of 4 packs of cigarettes. He died at the age of 57 in 1991 in North Hollywood, California. His health deteriorated due to a condition known as emphysema. It is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that severely and progressively affects the lungs of a patient with respiratory problems characterized by poor airflow, shortness of breath, sputum cough, and long-term breathing difficulties.

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