Jackson Robert Scott Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Family, Acting Career

At a time when his buddies were still playing along, little Jackson Robert Scott had his Hollywood breakthrough back in 2017. His role as Georgie in Stephen King’s remake It introduced his talent to a different audience, but his performance didn’t end with the iconic character.

After the success of “It” Jackson Robert Scott has taken on more and more roles and done some projects with some well-known Disney and Nickelodeon stars. Some of the characters he has portrayed so far can be seen in Locke and Key, criminal minds, fear the walking dead and more. The Coast to Coast Talent Group, Artistic Endeavors and attorney Scott Whitehead are his representatives and ensure he receives and pays the right attention. Find out more about the young talent below.

Jackson Robert Scott – Bio, Dude

It’s safe to say that the young actor has had a lot of supportive parents since he started acting at the age of five. He was born on September 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California to Dan Scott (father). The identity of his mother is not yet publicly known.

Born under the Virgo zodiac sign, Scott is American by nationality while his ethnicity is White. The young lad is said to be at school, although the name of the facility he attends is not known. He has one sister identified as Addison Scott.

Scott speaks Mandarin Chinese. He also has a love for sports, particularly football, baseball, as well as his Boy Scout troop.

acting career

He began acting at an early age, making his professional debut guest starring as Cole Vasquez on the hit CBS TV series Criminal Minds. At the time of his first professional activity he was seven years old and from there he played the younger version of Troy Otto in one episode in another hit series – AMC’s sci-fi horror Fear the Walking Dead.

Just a few years after starting his careerProfessionally, the young actor landed his breakthrough role in 2017. He has the character of 7-year-old Georgie Denbrough, brother of Bill Denbrough, in the film “It was his ticket to stardom when the film enjoyed great commercial success.

Scott was spotted wearing an outfit resembling that of his character Georgie during a film screening at the Alamo in Phoenix, Arizona. Even at the premiere of “It” at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the young actor couldn’t help but fall asleep because he’s a kid, after all, and it was probably already after bedtime.

From what’s apparent, Jackson is on track for the ultimate transition from child actor to adult star. He doesn’t take a break and already has other projects in store for the delight of his fans. Most of his projects see him as the main actor. Locke & Key and The Prodigy are some of his recent work to watch out for.

Before Jackson caught Robert Scott’s full attention, he was playing baseball on the little league stage. He also played a bit of soccer and participated in the Boy Scout troop.

His family, parents

Aside from his father’s name being Dan,nothing is known publicly about his parents but given the rate at which his career is gradually growing at such a young age, it’s clear that they are very helpful. Jackson’s parents have played an important role in the career he began when he was five years old. Jackson’s family is likely small, with only two children. He has only one known sister who we have identified as Addison Scott. No other information was released about his family or their current location.

His size

Being such a dear child who is not even in his teens, it is not yet the right reputation to infer his size as he is bound to add more inches in the future. He currently stands at 4ft 6in and weighs in at 35kg. His eyes are light brown, complementing his brown eyes.

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