Jack Palance – Biography and Interesting Facts You Must Know

American actor Jack Palance is known for starting his career from scratch but has risen to prominence for his tenacity, loyalty and dedication to the film industry. The actor wasn’t born with a silver spoon, as he worked as a miner in his early years – following in his father’s footsteps. He also made a living from boxing and subsequently joined the army before bursting into the limelight as an actor.

Jack Palance – biography

Jack Palance is an American actor born Volodymyr Palahniuk on February 18, 1919 in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Jack was raised along with his five other siblings by their parents Ivan and Anna Palahniuk who were Ukrainian immigrants. His father worked as a miner, but his mother’s occupation is not known.

It is not known what elementary school and high school he attended, but he attended Stanford University and graduated with a degree in performing arts.

In 1947, Jack Palance made his first appearance in the play The Big Two , where he played the role of a Russian soldier. The play was directed by Robert Montgomery and in the same year he starred in another play, A Streetcar Named Desire The following year, Jack appeared in two more plays, A Temporary Island , and The Vigil

Jack Palance gained momentum in the industry, transitioning from stage performances to theatrical production. In 1950 he made his film debut in Panic on the Streets where he played Jack, a member of a gang. He also appeared in the film Halls of Montezuma and Noon Darkness

The actor later became a household name in the industry for his work in films such as Battle for Tangier, Second Chance, Man in the Attic, I Died a Thousand Times and The Lonely Man

Here are 5 facts about Jack Palance

1. Military service

Before becoming an actor, Jack Palance joined the United States Air Force during the outbreak of World War II as a pilot and worked with the squad for some time before being relieved of his duties in 1944 and receiving a Good Conduct Medal for his selfless service to the Air Force US military.

2. Married twice

Speaking of his married life, legendary actor Jack Palance first married Virginia Baker in 1948 and the wedded bliss was blessed with three children, namely Holly, Broke and Code. However, the union, which lasted almost two decades, ended in 1968 and before Baker lost her life in an accident in 2003.

Jack’s second marriage was to Elaine Rogers and they were together until his death. However, there is no record of him having a child with Elaine.

3. Achievements

Among his many accomplishments one cannot forget to mention that Jack Palance has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6608 Hollywood Boulevard and is also a member of the Western Performers Hall of Fame.

The talented actor collected quite a number of awards and nominations during the days of his career. Jack Palance is primarily an Academy Award winner and also has three Academy Award nominations – for which he won one – as well as accolades such as the American Comedy Award, the Primetime Emmy Award, the Golden Boot Award in 1993, and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 and a few others.

4. Other Interests

Aside from movies, Jack Palance was known to have a penchant for painting and poetry. He even drew and sold his artwork with poems written on the back of the paintings. As an author, he is known for penning a collection of poems entitled The Forest of Love

5. Death

The legendary actor was passed on in the world2006, exactly on November 10th. Jack Palance died in Montecito, California at the age of 87 and his death is said to have been peaceful as he had no life-threatening ailments.

Despite the fact that the veteran actor is no more than that, his memories still linger in the hearts of his family members, colleagues, friends, fans and all of Hollywood in general, as his contributions are not easily forgotten.

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