Jack Dylan Grazer – Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family Life and Movies

Not many young people can brag about a thriving career, but Jack Dylan Grazer certainly can. Jack is an amazing young American actor, best known for his roles as Eddie Kaspbrak in It and as Freddy Freeman in the DC Comics movie, Shazam! Despite his age, Grazer, who is not afraid of hard work, has achieved a lot in his relatively short time in the spotlight and has become an inspiration to many teenagers.

Jack Dylan Grazer Bio (Age)

Jack Dylan was born on September 3, 2003 in Los Angeles, California to Angela LaFever and Gavin Grazer. He loves skateboarding, creative writing/screenwriting, filming with friends, boogie boarding and surfing; essentially he is interested in everything to do with entertainment. Jack is of Jewish descent.

Luckily, he grew up in the entertainment world as his father is an actor. Therefore, it is not surprising that his talent was not found time.

A testament to his talent, Jack Dylan Grazerwas invited to the ARTE (Adderley Repertory Theater Ensemble) program at the Adderley School of Performing Arts, where he appeared in a number of productions. One of his projects, Family is Family , won Best Documentary at his school film festival.

His films

In 2014, Jack Dylan Grazer made his debut on the TV series The Greatest Event in Television History, in an episode titled “Bosom Buddies.” He appeared in an episode of the 2015 comedy Bang Bang “Jesse Tyler Ferguson wears a brown plaid shirt and striped socks.”

Jack portrayed the role of a young Alex for 9 episodes of the CBS comedy Me Me and Me . Other television series he has acted in are: Tales of Halloween where he starred as Young Joey Stranger.

Jack’s first big screen work was in the 2017 feature film It , based on the Stephen King novel. In the film he played the role of Eddie Kaspbrak. He was the lead actor, Adam Wilts, in the feature film, Libra: Mermaids Are Real .

Jack Dylan Grazer appeared as Freddy Freeman in 2019 ‘s Shazam! and shares his role with Adam Brody. Later that same year he appeared in other films such as Tell No Soul and It: Chapter 2 , sharing the role with James Ransone. The young actor has also scooped a few speaking roles, he voiced the character Frederick “Freddy” Freeman in the animation Robot Chicken.

In 2017, Grazer was nominated for a Fright Meter Award in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in the film It and although he didn’t win, that role would earn him the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best On-Screen Team the following year.

Jack Dylan Grazer’s Girlfriend and Family Life

His father, Gavin Grazer, is an actor known for his appearances in American Gangster and Frost/Nixon and his uncle Brian Grazer is a film and television producer and screenwriter. It was his family who encouraged him to act professionally after his talent was discovered.

Jack Dylan Grazer lives with his family in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, his parents, Gavin and Angela, are no longer in a relationship. After the split, his father married Jana Thompson in 2009. There are not many details about Grazer’s siblings.

In 2017, it was revealed that Jack Dylan Grazer was in a relationship with Ellie Hiyar, an Instagram star. Hiyar was unaware of Gazer’s celebrity status when they began the relationship. They met at a party and became friends. They appeared together in the official video for Tell Me Tell Me About Courtship, released in March 2018.

Shortly thereafter, a rumor that the couple had broken up began to spread. Hiyar later uploaded a YouTube video confirming the rumors were true and that she and Jack were no longer together. She also said they are still close friends. Hiyar is now dating a mystery man she has been dating since November 2018. Grazer, on the other hand, has been linked to a certain Natalia, who accused him of dishonesty and verbal exploitation, which he denied.


Jack Dylan Grazer’s height is given as 5 feet. 160 cm (3 in.), His weight is given as 57 kg. Given his age and the fact that he still has some work to do, the numbers above will change as he gets older.

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