Is Katarina Witt married and who is her husband? Body measurements

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Katarina Witt is a former German professional skater who has become a national gem. Having dominated the sports in the 80s and early 90s, Witt still has many people interested in his life many years after leaving the ice. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Katarina Witt Quick Bio

Katarina Witt was born on December 3, 1965 in Staaken. At the time, it was in East Germany, and that’s where she was raised by her parents. While her father (Manfred Witt) was a farmer, her mother (Käthe Witt) was a health worker. She was raised alongside her brother, Axel Witt.

For her education, Katarina went to school in Chemnitz which at that time was Karl-Marx-Stadt. She was sent to a school for athletic children, Kinder-und Jugendsportschule, because she had shown athletic abilities as a small child.

Her childhood is dominated by sports which she will grow to be known for. She trained as hard as she could and very quickly began to participate in competitions which she organized thanks to her coach, Jutta Müller.

Her first international gig did not end as well as she would have liked after finishing 14th place at the 1979 European Championships. Nevertheless, three years later she returned to the international stage, but this time she performed better. The more events Katarina attended, the better off she became.

The most significant year is 1984won the Olympic gold medal at the event in Yugoslavia. The same year, she won her first world figure skating championships. In the years to come, she would win another Olympics in 1988 and the skating championships 4 more times. Witt also won 6 European Championships, before retiring in 1994.

After retirement, Katarina Witt went on to found a skating production company, and in 2005 she started a charity for children with disabilities. She has also published 2 books to date; a memoir and a fiction, So viel leben , which translates to So much life.

Is she married, who is her husband?

Having turned 50, there are many people who keep asking if the former skater is married and who her husband is. Although she is not yet married, she has had many relationships in her life so far. There have been some rumors that she got married recently, but that has become untrue.

Katarina Witt has lined up with over 10 men in the past with some of the relationships spanning years while others end less than a year from the start. That said, it’s important to point out that while she’s been linked to many men, some of them are just rumored relationships.

As a young woman, one of the first relationshipsThe German ended up in 1984 when she had a conversation with the German musician, composer and music producer, Ingo Politz. The relationship was very promising for 4 years before experiencing an abrupt end. After their relationship ended, she was briefly linked to former Italian alpine ski racer Alberto Tomba. Soon after, Witt would also have ties to former Canadian skater, Kurt Browning. Both of these relationships ended almost as quickly as they began.

The beautiful woman went on to have a short relationship with German singer Rolf Brendel in 1994 and before that she reportedly had something with American actor Richard Dean Anderson in 1992.

Ice Princess, as she is called by her. Rumor has it that her compatriots dated another American actor, Danny Huston in 1995, and another singer, Gregor Prächt in 2002. She was in a serious relationship with businessman Marcus Hermann, also from his country. The next three men she dated are Dave Hoffis (from 2002 to 2003), Siegfried Wolf (2004) and Andreas Rüter (2008).

Just as she has yet to get married, Katarina Witt has no children yet.

Katarina Witt’s Body Measurements

A very beautiful woman who dominated the icesport, the Germans describe her as a national treasure, it is for her pleasant looks and her achievement in skating. As an athletic woman, she is very feminine and has a good shape and body structure. Here are his overall measurements:

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)

Weight: 147 lbs (67 kg)

Chest-Waist-Hips: 39-28-38 inches (99-71-97 cm)

Feet (shoe size): 7.5

Dress: Size 10

Breast: Natural

Bust : 36C

Chest shape: C

Body shape: Hourglass

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