Ibrahim Chappelle: Parents, Net worth and Career

Ibrahim Chappelle is another famous kid who, despite his young age, has caught the attention of the media. Ibrahim is the son of a famous and versatile American comedian, Dave Chappelle.

Due to his father’s fame, many people including the media are interested in his personal life, upbringing and relationships. Also, young Ibrahim was the hot topic in many of his father’s comedy sketches and gigs. Not physically. So, let’s indulge ourselves with Ibrahim’s information.

Ibrahim Chappelle: Quick Facts

Full Name Ibrahim Chappelle
Nationality American
ethnicity Afro-American
City of birth the United States of America
Name of the Father Dave Chappelle
Name of the mother Elaine Mendoza Erfe
Civil status Only
Brothers and sisters 2


Ibrahim Chappelle is the son of famous American comedian, actor, writer and producer Dave Chappelle, and Elaine Mendoza Erfe Her father is known for his comedy television series, Spectacle de Chappelle.

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Although he is constantly under the prying eyes of the media, there is not much information about him. However, we do know that Ibrahim is Dave and Elaine’s second child. His name Ibrahim is derived from Islam, which means ‘father of Faith.’

Dave is also known for cracking jokes about his kids, and it seems his kids are okay with that.

Early life and childhood

Ibrahim Chappelle was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, United States of America. However, his exact date of birth is kept secret. Dave is very secretive about his personal life and has done a great job of keeping it closed.

Including his parents, Dave and Elaine, Ibrahim has a total of five members in his family. He has three siblings, an older brother, Sulayman Chappelle , and a sister named Sonal Chappelle

Many may not know this, but her father, Dave, converted to Islam in 1998 So when his children were born, old Dave used Arabic names for them. In fact, Chapelle named Sulayman after Soloman from the Bible.

Likewise, Ibrahim is of American nationality and is of African American descent. Just like his date of birth, there is also no information about his educational background.

Age and measurements

As already mentioned, since his exact date of birth is unknown, Chappelle is assumed to be early 15s Along with his other data, Ibrahim’s body measurements are also kept out of the media.

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But Ibrahim appears to be reasonably tall with a healthy body. As he is in a growth phase, we can expect Ibrahim to reach his father’s height soon enough, if not more. Moreover, the young boy has beautiful black eyes and naturally black hair.

Ibrahim Chappelle: Parents

Ever since Ibrahim was in his early teens, he has not opted for any career or path. And with his mysterious personality, we doubt he would choose outgoing jobs.

But we do know that her dad, Dave Chappelle is a stand-up comedian. So far, Dave has appeared in many projects, including the one with Eddie Murphy. In 1996, Dave starred in the hit movie ‘The Nutty Professor’ and ‘Air Conditioner ‘ in 1997.

Dave worked as the lead in ‘ Half-baked’ and worked in ‘ The Larry Sanders Show’ and ‘There’s a Mail for You ‘ the opposite of Tom Hanks Likewise, he also starred in his show called  Chappelle’s Show,’ which aired on Comedy Central from 2003-2006

Meanwhile, his mother, Elaine Mendoza Efre, is an ethnic Filipino housewife. Because of this, all of Dave’s children are of mixed ethnicity. The couple have been married for over 18 years and are still in love. Dave loves his wife so much that he even converted to Islam just before his wedding.

Dave Chappelle often mentions Ibrahim in his stand-ups

It’s nothing new for the comedian and celebrity to open up about their family in public. Many times such an action helps the audience resonate even more with the performer. This is also the case with Dave Chappelle.

However, Dave rarely makes fun of his daughter on such gigs. Funny enough, the same can’t be said for his two sons. Often, dad, Chappelle spices up his show with family jokes.

Surprisingly, this time Dave shared a heartfelt story about his second son, Ibrahim. It was the time when young Ibrahim was making a macaroni necklace for his father. Aww!

Seconds after his emotional phase was revealed, Dave quickly turned things around by making the audience laugh with his response. You can watch the video here.

Ibrahim Chappelle: net worth and income

Dave’s second son is yet to work and earn, so as of today Ibrahim does not have an exact net worth. Meanwhile, her father, Dave, has a net worth of $42 million To date, Dave is one of the richest black celebrities in the United States. He accumulates a huge sum from his acting career and other endeavors.

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Currently, Dave resides on a 65 acre farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio with his family. Additionally, he owns several other properties in Xenia, Ohio.

Presence on social networks

Young Ibrahim is not active on any social media platform, and even if he was, we have no idea. Much like his father, Dave, Chappelle kept it completely secret from the media.

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