Harvey Keitel Bio, Height, Age, Net worth, Family, Acting Career

You won’t find too many actors who have stayed as consistent year after year as Harvey Keitel, who has appeared in over 140 films and TV shows since beginning his acting career. With Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, the actor has had a great career. That being said, there are many still inquiring about the actor’s personal life on the Mean Streets cast member.

Harvey Keitel’s Bio, Age

Harvey Keitel was born to Miriam (née Klein) and Harry Keitel on May 13, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. He was raised in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, along with two siblings, Renee and Jerry. Both Jewish emigrants, his father comes from Poland, his mother from Romania.

Unlike many other actors who have gone as far as he has gone, Keitel didn’t start acting very early. In fact, he joined the United States Marine Corps when he was 16 and was sent to Lebanon before returning to the US and working as a court reporter for a few years, after which he finally started acting.

For his education, the pulp fiction actor attended Abraham Lincoln High School and to hone his acting skills, he studied with HB Studio and with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg.

acting career

Regarding his acting career, Harvey Keitel started when he was two years 30 in 1967. He began appearing in a number of Off-Broadway productions before making his debut with an uncredited role in Reflections in a Golden Eye in 1967 That same year, he landed another role to play JR in the drama film, Who’s Knocking at My Door? .

His next film came in 1970, Brewster McCloud , followed by Mean Roads By the time the 1970s ended he had more than 10 films to his name including T Axi Driver which received critical acclaim and earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the National Society of Film Critics Awards and the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

The 1980s were a very busy period for him as he appeared in more than 20 films including the 1985 Spanish film El caballero del dragon (The Knight of the Dragon) and The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988 he received the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst supporting actor nomination. He played the role of Mickey Cohen in the 1991 film, Bugsy, a performance that earned Harvey Keitel his Academy and Golden Globes nominations.

The 1990s, 2000s and even 2010s were very productive for the actor. Thanks to this, he has more than 140 films and television productions. His most recent works are The Last Man (2018), See You Soon and The Irishman both in 2019.

Wealth (income and earnings)

With more than five decades as an actor, Harvey Keitel has an estimated net worth of $45 million and more than 140 films and a good number of works as a producer, as well as his involvement in commercials thanks to his very strong voice. He made a large portion of his fortune from his acting career.

Family – wife and children

In 1983, a year after actress Lorraine Bracco’s marriage to Daniel Guerard ended, Keitel met the actress in Paris and the two began a relationship that would last for the next 12 years. During the years that the relationship lasted, the two had one daughter together, Stella Keitel, who was born in 1985. When the relationship ended in the 1990s, there was a very long legal battle between the two over who should have custody of their daughter.

The next woman Harvey made an attempt at was starting a family with Lisa Karmazin, whom he dated for a short time. The two had one child together, Hudson, born in 2001. He would face court again and fight his ex-lover, but this time it was for childcare that Karmazin, a painter, said $5,000 a month was not enough.

In 2001, while participating in the Haifa International film, Harvey Keitel secretly married Canadian actress Daphna Kastner before holding an official ceremony in Manhattan later that same year. Her family was expanded to include a child, Roman, born in 2004.

Height – How tall is Harvey Keitel?

While he’s not the shortest man you’ll find in any scene, he won’t be the tallest either. Harvey Keitel has an average height of 173.7 cm, although he sometimes seems a little shorter.

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