Hamish Linklater – Biography, Family Facts, All You Need to Know

Hamish Linklater is an American actor and playwright who played his most popular role as Matthew Kimble on the American television series The New Adventures of Old Christine One thing that sets Linklater apart from so many others in his profession is his versatility, his ability to blend into different characters. He can play different roles with ease be it in drama film, thriller, comedy, action, suspense and various other types of film genres. He is also known to have appeared in regular films such as Fantastic Four (2005), Battleship (2012) and The Big Short (2015).

Hamish Linklater – Biography

Hamish Linklater was born on July 7, 1976 in Amsterdam, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He was born to James Lincoln Cormeny and Kristin Linklater. His mother, Kristin Linklater, is a retired Scottish professor and emeritus in the Department of Theater Arts at Columbia University. She raised Hamish as a single mother. The American actor is of diverse ethnic background ranging from Scottish, English, Belgian, German, Irish and Swedish ancestry.

Linklater grew up in Berkshire, Massachusetts, and began acting when he was only 8 years old, playing small Shakespearean roles. His acting at this early age was made possible primarily by his mother’s influence as an actress and drama teacher, so acting was never something new or strange for Linklater. It became something he did in his spare time and from there he started dreaming of getting higher in the business.

Hamish attended the Commonwealth School, a private high school in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from high school in 1994 and then applied to Amherst College, a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. However, he didn’t finish his college education when he dropped out on the line so he could pursue his dream in acting.

After leaving Amherst College, Linklater moved to New York City and began working as a theater actor. Hamish Linklater first made his mark in the theater. He decided to let go of the theater and moved to Los Angeles to act in TV movies. He made his film debut in 2000 when he starred as David Turner in Groove In the same year he played the role of Dr. Bruce Cherry in his first TV show Gideon’s Crossing He appeared in 20 episodes between 2000 and 2001.

Family Facts

Hamish Linklater is currently divorced and a father of two children. His first child, which he had with ex-wife Jessica Goldberg, was born in 2007 and bears Lucinda Rose Linklater. His second child, also a girl, was born in 2017 and he had her with current partner Lily Rabe.

Away from his immediate family, he has quite a large number of extended families. First is his mother Kristen Linklater who is very popular. As an actress and acting teacher, she taught her son most of what he does today, which earns him a lot of money. Kristen Linklater is a Scottish woman who was born on April 22, 1936 in Great Britain. She moved to the United States, where she gave birth to and raised her only child as a single mother. She now resides in her hometown of Orkney, Scotland. Kristen is an actress, director, drama teacher, vocal coach and author.

From his mother’s side, Linklater’s uncles are Magnus Linklater, a Scottish journalist and writer, and Andro Linklater, a non-fiction writer and historian. Linklater also has an aunt named Alison Linklater. He has two cousins ​​Alexander and Freya Linklater. His maternal grandmother is Marjorie MacIntyre. His maternal grandfather is Eric Linklater, a British writer.

Other facts you need to know about Hamish Linklater

First marriage

Linklater was married to Jessica Goldberg,an American playwright, screenwriter, and television writer. The couple were married for ten years from 2002 to 2012 and share a 12-year-old daughter.

Current Partner – Lily Rabe

Shortly after his divorce from his ex-wife,Linklater began dating American actress Lily Rabe. The couple have been together for six years now and although they are not yet married, the couple have a two-year-old daughter.

TV shows and movies

Some of his most notable television shows are Gideon’s Crossing , Old Christine’s New Adventure , The Madmen , Legion and American Dreams He also starred in some top notch films such as Fantastic Four , Battleship , 42 , The Angriest Man In Brooklyn , Ithaca, and The Big Short

Award nominations and wins

Throughout his career, Hamish Linklater has been nominated for four awards, winning one. All four awards he was nominated for were for his role in The Big Short. His first nomination was at the Awards Circuit Community Awards in 2015. The following year he was nominated for the Gold Derby Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards. He won the Ensemble Cast Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards.

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