George Lazenby – Biography, Children, Age, Height, Net Worth

The James Bond role has been done by Sean Conery or mostly, and it’s the role that every actor wants to play. Despite this, there was once a young model named George Lazenby who played the role, only to have it turned down after only playing one role because the producers didn’t take his input. Many thought he was dumb and wouldn’t get far in the film business, but many years later Lazenby has not only stayed in the industry, he’s grown significantly, and many wondered where he would have been had he continued playing Bond. James Bond.

George Lazenby’s Biography, Age

The actor was born George Robert Lazenby on 5September 1939 in Australia, Goulburn, New South Wales. While his father, George Edward Lazenby, was a railroad worker, his mother, Sheila Joan Lazenby, worked with the Fosseys store.

Raised with a sister who later became a dancer, he received his education at Goulburn Public School and later Goulburn High School before his family moved to Queanbeyan.

Acting wasn’t the first choice for George, who was first a used car dealer and later sold new cars. It was while in Finchley London, where he was following a woman he loved, that he was spotted by a talent scout who convinced him to work as a model, which he accepted.

With his modeling career on the rise, the Australian model landed the role of playing James Bond in the classic On Her Majesty’s Secret Service movie in 1969. What makes this very interesting is that it was the first time someone with no prior acting Experience was considered and taken for the big role. This was thanks to his ability to cut through the auditions and claim to be a skilled actor.

After the 007 role, this was the only time he would take the role because many things were different about him, leading to his popular line in the film; “That didn’t happen to the other guy.” This was one of his complaints during filming and the producers had a very difficult time working with him. George Lazenby would do better to sell cars again than any other James Bond film.

However, he landed a role in Soldier Universal (1971) and then Who Saw Them Die? in 1972. It was then revealed that he was broke in 1973, which forced him to go to Hong Kong, where he met Bruce Lee and was due to appear in a film with him before Lee’s sudden death. In fact, the two actors were supposed to have dinner that day to discuss their film together. game of death

From then on, Lazenby continued in many other roles and returned with many films to his name, most recently as A Winter Rose (2014) and Hunter (2015).

Wealth (income and earnings)

The important thing is that George knows that Lazenby didn’t want to be an actor or a model, which is where it all started. Since finding his way, however, he hasn’t done badly, becoming one of the first male models to earn £8 a day while others took home the usual £4 a day.

With that, George Lazenby has a net worthwhich is estimated at $20 million. As an actor he made the most of his fortune. While this is a very significant fortune, many wonder what it would have been worth had he continued playing James Bond, a role that has opened more doors for many actors and helped others like Sean Connery and Roger Moore whose fortune it is earned has gone into hundreds of millions.

wife and children

To date, George Lazenby has been married twice and both marriages have ended in divorce.

The first woman he married was Chrissie Townsend in 1973 but the marriage didn’t last more than 3 years before ending. The union had two children; Zachary and Melanie to show, although Zachary died when he was 19 of complications from a malignant brain tumor.

It wasn’t until 2002 that George would marry, this time it was Pamela Shriver again. After having three children, their marriage had faltered in 2008 when the former tennis player filed for divorce against her husband, claiming she suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the actor.


George Lazenby is a man of good height and build which enabled him to find success as a model in his early days. He has a height of 187.3 cm.

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