Franz Drameh – Bio, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Parents

Although Franz Drameh is not the most popular actor, fans of Legends of Tomorrow not only know him but also love him. One of the best actors in DC’s superhero series, he began his career in 2007 when he landed a role in an episode of the British medical drama series. accident Since then he has acted in numerous TV shows and films. A lot of questions were asked about this actor. Below are answers to some of these questions.

Franz Drameh Bio (Age)

The actor, of Gambian and English nationality, was born Franz Alhusaine Drameh on January 5, 1993 in Hackney, London. However, it was at Hoxton that he was brought up.

During his childhood he was a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series which he still watched before leaving for school. One of the things that sparked his interest in comics is the love his father has for it. More than just a love of comics, Drameh also developed an interest in acting.

To give him an opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, he was sent to the Young Actors Theater on Barnsbury Road when he was 12 years old. At the age of 14 he signed a signature with the agency of the drama school and community theater.

Auditions began soon after, and he was cast in the 2007 episode of Casualty, “Lost in the Rough.” At first he got nervous when the auditions came around, but he soon found a way around it.

In 2009 he made an appearance in the short film, Being Good , and then in 2010 he made his first film appearance after landing a role in the fantasy film, Beyond that was directed by Clint Eastwood. The film opened doors for him for roles in Attack the Block (2011), My Murder and Now Is Good in 2012. In 2014 he played Ford in Tomorrow’s Edge appears alongside Hollywood’s A-list like Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

On television, Franz Drameh has appeared in various DC Comics series as Firestorm and Jefferson Jackson. Between 2015 and 2018, he acted in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Superhero Fight Club 2.0 (short video), the web series Vixen (voice), Supergirl, and Arrow. In the third season of the animated series Legends of Tomorrow, Franz has left, but there are some rumors that he might return.

With a great career, he wasn’t always on the best side of the law when he was arrested in 2017 after being accused of assaulting a man outside a fish and chip shop. CCTV footage reveals the British actor saw a man, Joshua Berenger, kick, punch and headbang, which he called an insult, who hurled racial slurs at him in the store.

The jury was told the actor was arrested after the attack on Joshua, who stood at 6:50 am laughing at the situation. However, he insisted it was just a wry laugh because he felt he was right.

wife, daughter and parents

Franz Drameh counts his blessings and will always set the fact that he has both parents who he believes will always be there for him. His mother’s name is Kerry. As of 2011, she still resided in Hoxton. According to the actor, Kerry has remained not only his mother, but also his inspiration and best friend.

Little is known about his father, who, as already mentioned, was a big fan of comics. Although it has not been confirmed, there are some sources claiming that both of the actor’s parents are from Gambia.

It is not known about his family life whether he is married or not but he is in a relationship with Anna Maria Drameh which due to the name leads some to believe that the two are married. Franz and Anna welcomed their daughter Aurora Drameh on December 23, 2017.

Based on her Instagram profile, Annamaria is a registered nurse and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

height and weight

A DC Comics superhero, Franz Drameh has a good height and build. He might not be the tallest man for his height but he is a very good height at 5ft 11in. However, his body weight is not known.

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