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Fletcher Cox is a defensive tackle player who has been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles team since 2012. Leading up to the 2018 Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, his name is a recurring decimal name in many discussions around the biggest sporting event. in the USA.

For a man who has never watched the Super Bowl in his entire life, Super Bowl 2018 will be the first on so many levels for Fletcher Cox.

An emphatic win over the Minnesota Vikings Fletcher Cox’s Eagles have their place in the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis. The Eagles are under pressure as the underdogs are the favorites, while the Patriots are favorites for Sunday’s Super Bowl LII game.

Cox would also add his name to the history books of his hometown, Yazoo, because the last person to appear in a small town Super Bowl was Willie Brown with the Raiders, in 1976, long before Cox was born.

The depth of the Eagles’ defensive line has always helped them beat other teams, and with Cox currently being one of the highest-earning defensive linemen in NFL history, many eyes would be waiting for him. to justify his salary.

Fletcher Cox’s Net Salary

During his first four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Cox earned $10.2 million. The Eagles have made it clear they want him for a long time.

After that, Fletcher Cox made headlines in June 2016, after signing an extended six-year, $103 million contract that came with a $26 million bonus and $63 million. dollars guaranteed against injury, the most guaranteed amount for non-quarterbacks.

Being a top player and still at his peak is a hint that Fletcher Cox is worth that contract, earning him the second highest paid defensive scorer behind Miami Dolphins’ Ndamukong Suh.

Cox ended 2017 with an estimated net worth of $33.4 million, mostly from his salary and earnings. A small fraction of the amount came from his endorsement contracts.

Wife, Dating, Girlfriend

Fletcher Cox may be single as there are no records of any marital relationships about him. Also, the wedding bells don’t sound like they’ll be ringing anytime soon, as Cox isn’t currently engaged to anyone.

Fletcher Cox is currently embroiled in a ridiculous relationship scandal. He is facing a $50,000 lawsuit for “Alienation of Affection” by a man named Joshua Jefferds. Simply put, the North Carolina resident accuses Cox of “seducing” and sleeping with his wife, Catherine Cuesta Jefferds, while she was on a work trip to Pennsylvania. Cox is also accused of having a relationship with Jefferd’s wife via text.

The North Carolina resident has a raunchy text of posts including nude pictures as proof that Fletcher Cox actually seduced his wife. Jefferson adds to the fury that his wife blocked him on Instagram and moved to Mullica Hill, New Jersey, much closer to where Cox plays in Philadelphia.

As noted in court papers, Cox asked the case to be dropped, claiming that her relationship with Cuesta Jefferds was the result of mutual attraction and that she voluntarily consented to the relationship. Coz also claimed not to know the woman was even married.

As it stands, even though Cox and Cuesta Jefferds are still together, they’ll likely keep it until the case is closed.

Fletcher Cox’s family

Cox was raised by his mother, Malissa Cox alongside his three siblings while the family lived in a three-bedroom trailer. Her mother was a single mother. Cox’s older brother, Shaddrick, took on the role of a positive male figure in his life and pushed him to become a great football player. Sadly, Shaddrick passed away in 2015 at the age of 34 after a heart attack.

Growing up, Cox’s mum, Malissa was skeptical of letting him play football. However, at age 13, after years of pleading and being called out by a coach in their small town of Yazoo City, Cox’s mother, Malissa, finally gave her permission. I’m sure she’ll be proud of that decision watching Cox at the 2018 Super Bowl.

After graduating from Yazoo City High School, Cox received scholarships from LSU Tigers at the University of Louisiana, Alabama Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama, Auburn Tigers at the Auburn University and Ole Miss Rebels from the University of Mississippi. However, he chose Mississippi State University.


  • Fletcher Cox doesn’t watch much football. It’s so bad he’s never watched a Super Bowl! Let him play, we’ll watch.
  • In 2009, Cox played all 12 games of his true freshman season at Mississippi State University.
  • The Eagles traded three spots in the 2012 NFL Draft to move Fletcher Cox to No. 12.
  • The defensive lineman had 22 sacks in his first NFL seasons.
  • Cox ranks number 4 among all defensive forwards in the NFL with 16 sacks of 1 since 2015
  • Cox loves fixing old cars and says he could have been a mechanic if he wasn’t playing football.
  • Fletcher Cox owns a drag racing team that competes in professional events across the country.
  • He was born on December 13, 1990 in Cicero, Illinois.
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