Eugenie Boisfontaine Wiki, husband and ex-husband, who killed her?

Eugenie Boisfontaine’s story is one of those weird and weird stories that we come across from time to time that make us start to wonder what’s really wrong with the world or the people in it. Most of the time, it becomes agonizing that the ordinary people we see walking around or the people simply living in our neighborhood can be inhuman and capable of inflicting so much suffering on others and even their own families.

In the case of Eugenie Boisfontaine, she happened to be one of the attractive women killed between 1992 and 1997. Her death is thought to be attributed to devastating head trauma. Although much speculation has taken place about the perpetrator of such a heinous crime, no conclusive or tangible proof has been found; Impressively, his case is still under investigation as there is still a glimmer of hope that the murderer will be brought to justice.

Biography of Eugenie Boisfontaine

Eugénie Boisfontaine was a 34-year-old woman at the time of her tragic murder. She was actually a college student at the time and was last seen alive by an exterminator at her place of residence on June 13, 1997 in Baton Rouge. Many clues were first discovered before his remains were found. First, a frequent jog uncovered Eugenie’s belongings, such as her credit cards and driver’s license, near University Lake.

Disturbingly, a visiting professor at the university found several of his credit cards oddly arranged in a circle near the same lake. Three days later, after a search party was formed to sweep the area, Eugenie’s keys were also discovered not far from where other items had been. Three months later (August 1997), after a long and exhausting search, local authorities finally found the badly decomposed body of Eugénie Boisfontaine by Bayou Manchac, south of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the skull fracture. From inquiries made, it was speculated that she may have been kidnapped while usually taking the jogging rounds around the University Lakes.

Her husband and ex-husband

It has been established that Eugenie Boisfontaine was a married woman before her death but information about her family is quite thin. Nevertheless, her husband/ex-husband’s name is known as Mike Schmidt. Ever since his wife’s death, Mike has seemed bitter to the core, even to the point of isolating himself from most prying public eyes and also refusing to provide the inquest with his DNA sample.

Although this act was deemed quite suspicious, the investigative team still managed to obtain his samples without his consent or without his knowledge, secretly following him so they could extract his DNA from the handle of his car. The test, however, is negative. Although he threatened to sue investigators for illegally obtaining his DNA, he has since asked to preserve his privacy and give him a chance to get out of the experiment.

Who killed her?

Since 2009 Eugenie Boisfontaine has lived at StanfordAve. An area very close to the similar murder of two other women a few years ago, serial killer Derrick Todd Lee was the primary suspect in the crime. Similar to when her body was discovered in 1997, forensic scientists tried to use Eugenie’s dental records to find out if she bit her attacker or scratched him in any way. Unfortunately, no additional DNA was discovered.

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Finally, after more than twenty long years since Eugenie’s death, the investigations continue to such an extent that a crime and a show called “Killing Fields” has been created about it on the Discovery Channel. Interestingly, the reality show features the zealous officer, Rodie Sanchez, who has come out of retirement and is looking to unravel the mystery behind Eugenie’s disappearance, even after so many years. When asked if the trails wouldn’t have turned cold after such a long time, he replied that while that might be true, there is a lot of sophisticated equipment and technology that can help provide analysis. further investigation and revelations about the murder and he vowed not to give up on the case until his last breath.

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