Elliot Knight – Bio, Age, Height, Family, Actor Facts

Before rounding up in drama school, where he was introduced to the performing arts, Elliot Knight got his first assignment, taking a lead role in a major film. He started acting in 2011 and although his filmography is still far from what most popular actors have achieved, the British film star is gradually moving up the ranks. He has explored horizons in both Hollywood and the English film industry.

Here, let’s examine the lesser-known interesting details about the British actor.

Elliot Knight – bio, dude

The actor’s parents welcomed him to the familyon July 10, 1990 in the city of Birmingham, Great Britain. Perhaps Elliot is an only child and hasn’t mentioned if he has siblings who he might have shared his childhood memories with. He was raised by teachers – his father, Stuart, who works at Broadway Secondary School in Perry Barr, Birmingham, and his mother, Lorna Knight.

Typical of a child raised by pedagogues,Elliot smoothly graduated from King Edward VI Aston School, after which he received his PhD from Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre. After graduating from drama school, he received a BA (Hon) degree in 2011, but that wasn’t the only thing he came home with. By the time he graduated, his dream of a professional acting career was already taking shape.

In June 2011, it was announced that Elliot Knight would be starring in his first professional role and he wasn’t even done with his education. Sky One announced that British star Sinbad has taken the leading role His title role in the television drama lasted for 12 episodes, announcing his presence to movie lovers. The series, which premiered in July 2012, remains one of the most popular projects he has embarked on. In 2013 he played the role of Charlie O’ Brien in the BBC crime drama By Any Means and in 2015 he took on a recurring role in the fifth season of Once Upon a Time, appearing as Merlin.

His next big role came in March 2017 when he joined the cast of Life Sentence as Wes Charles. His part on the CW show aired 13 episodes in 2018. He also played a guest role in Titans that same year.

Family life of the British actor

Aside from his parents as Stuart and Lorna Knight, the mixed-race Birmingham-born actress has not shared any other information about any other family members. He apparently grew up as the only child in the family.

Also, Elliot Knight has yet to start with his own family. Though he’s dated quite a few beauties in the past, the Life Set star has yet to confirm each of them as his girlfriends at the time of updating this piece. He prefers to keep the spotlight on his booming career and we totally understand that. Any revealing information about his private life will be posted here as soon as it is released. Watch this space for more.


At 6 ft (182.Elliot Knight stands at 9 cm tall and can easily be considered one of the tallest in the motion picture industry. Although his body weight is not known, he has an athletic build that has sparked fantasies of what a shirtless Elliot would look like, going wild. Additionally, the actor has dark brown eyes and black hair that are perfected by his tight skin and ripped body.

Other facts about the actor

1. In 2014, Elliot Knight spread his tentacles to Hollywood and made his television debut in Getting Away With Murder He joined the cast of the ABC series as Aiden Walker in two episodes.

2. In addition to his series appearances, the actor can also be seen in several television films. Some of the films in this category include The Lawyer and Dangerous Liaisons.

3. While at college, Elliot took clown and stage fighting classes.

4. In preparing for the role of Sinbad, Elliot drew on previous incarnations of the fictional character.

5. While filming for Sinbad in Malta, he missed his graduation ceremony despite completing his studies.

6. He is a King Edward VI Aston School Hall of Famer, inducted in 2012.

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