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It is generally accepted that talent or greatness becomes evident from an early age. A child who is marked to be excellent in any career begins to show signs of great accomplishments coming from the cradle, but the reverse is the case with Elaine Thompson, a Jamaican athlete whose greatest pre-college achievement was a derisory fourth position in the 200 meter class.

Despite her lackluster start, Elaine broke through the shackles of non-performance and made her mark in the realm of the event on the field and on the track. Today, she is known worldwide as the first Jamaican sprinter to win gold in the 100 meters and 200 meters at the Olympics, she won gold ahead of Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands and that golden opportunity s is presented at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

the biography

Elaine Thompson, a renowned Jamaican athlete was born on June 28, 1992 in Manchester, Jamaica and she hails from Banana Ground in Manchester Parish, Jamaica. Elaine was born as the only child of a poor couple and was raised by her grandmother at the age of seven. Her grandmother was devoted to her granddaughter and gave her all the love and care she needed to grow into a successful woman. According to her, Elaine deserved the best even if she (the grandmother) had to borrow.

Elaine’s education can be traced to Manchester High School where she completed her early education. In high school, she was already active in track events although she was not a star at the time. They say great athletes are known from a young age, but the reverse was the case with Elaine because her best record was when she came fourth in the two 100m class just before entering college at the Jamaican Championships. high school 2009. She competed in the 4×100 in class 1 and also in second grade but was kicked off the track team due to her terrible performance and because she was accused of being sassy by her coach and as a result she was unable to participate in her senior year events in 2011.

After graduating from high school, Elaine got admitted to Kingston University of Technology on an athletic scholarship. In college, Elaine began her journey to stardom. The athlete’s steady improvement and ultimate success in track events can be attributed to training. Her trainer Francis takes credit for her performance and she has also benefited greatly from the tutelage of Francis’ younger brother, Stephen, who is the head coach of the MVP Track and Field Club. Stephen is a coach who is still credited with putting Jamaican athletes on the world map.

In 2015, the promising athlete won silver at the World Outdoor Championships in Beijing, Before Beijing she showed signs of greatness, but she officially made herself known to the world at the Beijing competitions as a candidate legit with a knack for writing history. Her coaches’ decision to forgo the 100m drew public criticism, but she made up for it with an incredible 21.66 in the 200m final, which put her in the position of fifth fastest woman in the events on track. Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands beat Elaine by 0.03 seconds to win gold and become the third fastest woman in the same race.



In the 100m, she is ranked 4th fastest woman and already one of the fastest in the 200m. Elaine made a huge improvement in the 100m at the Jamaica Olympic trials in July where she clocked a remarkable 10.70 near Bolt-ian although women like Carmelita Jeter (10.64, 10.67), Florence Griffith -Joyner (10.49, 10.61, 10.62) and Marion Jones (10.65) were recorded as the only women with 100 times faster. Another compatriot, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, also had a record 10.70 at the 2012 Olympic trials. Elaine’s golden opportunity came at the 2016 Olympics when the marquee athlete won the gold medal ahead of Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands in the women’s 200-metre final. This victory places her in the exalted position of

Size weight

Elaine stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and she weighs 57 kg. As an athlete, she has great bodybuilding with all the abs on point.

Dating, Boyfriend

Rumor had it that Elaine was not dating anyone other than Prince Henry of Wales. According to Vine, the duo have been dating for a few weeks and will soon make their affair public. The lovers were spotted together in Edinburgh, Scotland and also Milan where Elaine Thompson performed at Deejay Ten Milano 2016.

Well, that relationship (if it ever existed) is a thing of the past now that the Prince is set to marry American actress Meghan who he has been dating since 2017. The royal wedding is scheduled for May 19, 2018.

Facts About Elaine Thompson

first name – Elaine Thompson

Date of Birth – June 28, 1992

Birthplace – Manchester , Jamaica

Institutions Attended – Manchester High School and University of Technology at Kingston

Profession – Athlete

height – 5 feet 6 inches

Weight – 57kg

Net worth – 4 million dollars.

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