Edd Byrnes – Biography, Net Worth, Career and Family Life

Edd Byrnes is a retired American actor whose career spanned four decades. He is best known for his roles in 77 Sunset Strip, and a few other works that were critically acclaimed in his day. Edd retired in 1999, but considering his many contributions to be one of the pillars of today’s acting industry, his professional accomplishments are too great to gloss over. Find out more about the Hollywood veteran’s biography, career and family life below.

Edd Byrne’s biography

The actor (Edward Breitenberger) was born on 30. Born into the Breitenberger family in July 1983 in New York City, New York, USA. He had two siblings named Vincent and Jo-Ann, however they lost their father, who was an alcoholic, when Edd was about 13 years old. The boys were then raised by their mother, who had to work extremely hard to provide for their needs. After her father’s death, Edd took the surname of his maternal grandfather Byrne. this is how Edward Byrne replied, but better known as Edd Byrnes.

As a child, Edd nurtured ambitions to pursue acting, but didn’t commit to pursuing that dream while he was in high school. He graduated and worked various jobs as a florist, roofer, taxi driver and even an ambulance driver. In 1956, he secured an unpaid job at the Litchfield Community Playhouse in Connecticut that brought him closer to beginning his childhood dreams.

After a brief stint in which Edd Byrnes joined the company, he began appearing in their plays. That same year he took on the role of a Crossroads , Wire Service Formerly and Navy Log After this positive turnaround for him, he moved to Hollywood to get more acting roles. In one year he took appearances in Tea and Sympathy (a local stage production), episodes of television series like Telephone Time, The Adventures of Jim Bowie; Movies like Reform School Girl, and Johnny Trouble

With these works, Edd Byrnes was recognized by Warner Bros, after which he signed a contract with the entertainment company. He began working for her in a comic role in The Deep Six (1958), followed by starring in the episodes of Colt.45, Cheyenne, the Deputy and many other films and television series.

The professional success that Byrnes enjoyed with WanerBros. wasn’t one that will last forever. Due to disagreements about his allowances, he fell out of favor. They made amends, however, and he went back to work, but in August 1963 he bought out his contract with the company. Edd Byrnes went on to have roles in shows such as The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Kraft Suspense Theatre, Burke’s Law, The Secret Invasion, Wicked Wicked, Any Gun May Play, Red Blood, Renegade Horsemen, Yellow Gold, Police History, Telethon and other. Edd was last seen in the CBS miniseries entitled Shake, Rattle, and Roll: An American Love Story.

Career Achievements

Edd Byrnes has certainly had his good days as an actor. From his numerous acting projects he appeared as a nominee for several awards, of which he won a few.

  • In 1963 he won the Best Male Television Star award at the Bravo Otto Awards. Thereafter Edd was nominated in three more editions of the award in 1964, 1965 and 1966. However, he did not win any of the subsequent nominations.
  • In 2005, the actor was recognized and placed at number 5 on “TV Guide”‘s list of TV’s “25 Greatest Teen Idols”.

His capital

Looking back on Eddy’s childhood life as his mother had to work extremely hard to provide for her needs, he did quite well and achieved a lot in his acting career which made him a millionaire. Edd Byrnes has a net worth of $5 million. At his peak, he was making over $83,000 monthly and nearly $1,000,000 in annual income.

Family life: wife and son

Edd Byrnes has only been married once. He married his longtime girlfriend Asa Maynor in 1962. The marriage ended on September 13, 1965 with the birth of his son Logan Byrnes. However, in 1971 the couple divorced due to Edd’s habitual alcohol and drug abuse. With the help of his friend Troy Donahue, Brynes was able to break the addiction. He did not remarry and is said not to have been with anyone since.

Logan Byrnes began his career in the media. He began working with Fox Connecticut in 2008 and became a news anchor for Fox-11 News in Los Angeles, California in 2016.

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