Ed Westwick – Bio, Wife, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net worth, Is he gay?

Sometimes life chooses a path for us, other times people close to us and other times we choose for us. Born into a family with academic leanings, one would expect popular British actor and singer Ed Westwick to become an academic, but instead he chose his own path and is certainly enjoying it.

His parents supported his passion from a young age. Ed Westwick is most popular for his role on the CW television series Gossip Girl The young, handsome and energetic man effectively delivered his role as Chuck Bass on the series. He has been active in the film scene for over a decade and has received several awards for his contribution to the industry. Let’s take a look at the British actor’s life.

Ed Westwick Bio (Age)

Ed Westwick was born Edward Jack Peter Westwick on June 27, 1989 in Hammersmith, London to Carole and Peter Westrick. His mother, Carole, was an educational physiologist while his father was a practicing lecturer. An academic family, you could say, and you’d be right. He is the third child in the family, and his other siblings are two older brothers whose information – identity and occupation – is not known.

Of English descent and although he comes from an academic family, he did not choose a career like his parents did, instead searching for his own passion: music and film. Before embarking on his career in either, he attended Barclay School in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, where he grew up. It is interesting to note that Ed Westwick began taking music and acting classes at the age of six.

After graduating from Barclay School, he continued his education at North Hertfordshire College. He did not, however, earn a degree from this college, but completed a high school diploma or pre-college degree in communications, law and economics.


Ed Westrick began his entertainment career with acting and is best known for it. Before making his film debut in 2006, he attended the National Youth Theater in London. His first film appearance was in the film Breaking and Entering as Zoran. He got this gig as a result of his success in a casting call sent to his theater for the cast.

After this film he played, among other things, a supporting role in Children of Men as Alex. Whilst working on films, Ed has also appeared in UK television series such as Doctors, Accident, and AfterLife

The following year was eventful for the young actor as he secured his breakthrough role. Before starring in Gossip Girl, for which he is best known, he starred as Lawrence Carter in Son of Rambow. He rose to fame after appearing in the TV series Gossip Girl It was an adaptation of the novel Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar. He starred in the film as Charles Chuck Bass and was forced to adopt an American accent. He starred in the series for about three years and appeared in a total of 107 episodes.

As already mentioned, this series was the game changer for Ed Westwick. He was listed in People’s Magazine as one of the sexiest men alive in 2008 and one of the 100 most beautiful the following year as a result of his work on the series. The series earned him two Best TV Villain awards at the Teen Choice Awards in 2008 and 2009. Additionally, Ed was on Entertainment Weekly’s 2008 list of Best Dressed TV Characters and Best Performance.

The following years saw more of the screen actor. In 2009 and 2010, Ed was in films such as S. Darko and The Commuter and also the popular TV series, Calibration In the latter , he played as Chris “Batt” a young man fascinated by vampire books, stories and literature.

Ed Westrick has shown the world that hard work and determination is paying off as he does everything he has accomplished in the industry in just over a decade. His hard work has also earned him endorsement deals, which include his contract with shoe line K. Swiss in 2008.

Ed acted in Shakespeare’s tragic romance, among other films he has acted in. Romeo and Juliet, where he played the role of a villain, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. In 2017, Ed played the role of Ben Collins in The Crash He also starred in two television series that year, one of which was the animated sitcom. Family Guy and the Other, Snatch as Sonny Castillo. He is currently working on the series White Gold as Vincent Swan.

Ed wasn’t that successful in music. He is part of a punk band called The Filthy Youth. The band formed in 2006 and has singles such as Orange and Come Flash All You Ladies These songs were used in the popular American series, Gossip Girls

Is he gay, dating a girlfriend, or married to a woman?

Ed Westwick is definitely not gay, and he’s not married, but he’s in a relationship that’s a little dicey and uncertain at the moment – we’ll tell you why in a moment. He has been dating Jessica Michael Serfaty since May 2017. Jessica is a single mother to a boy named Roman Serfaty. She is also a model and an actress who is relatively popular.

The couple have been together for about a year and during this time they decided to live together. However, recent information from September 2018 indicates that the actress left the common house and now lives alone. However, a source noted that he hasn’t split but is taking time off to focus on themselves and their careers.

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Wealth (income and earnings)

The famous former cast of Gossip Girls has worked hard to be where he is now. He had appeared in over 10 films and television series. These performances have earned him enough to give him the luxuries he currently enjoys. In addition to the paychecks from each acting role, as well as his music, he has also received some credits from his awards. A recent estimate put the British actor’s net worth at $4 million.

height and body measurements

To have been listed as one of the sexiest and most beautiful people in the world, Ed Westwick would have to be a handsome man and he is. He stands at a height of 174 cm and weighs about 74 kg. His other measurements are – chest (109 cm) and waist (79 cm). According to available information, his shoe size is 10 (US).

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