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Being a star requires great sacrifices. Drew Brees is not just a star but a star extraordinaire. He is a professional American football player, associated with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL where he plays quarterback. After outstanding performances as a college footballer, Brees was recruited by the San Diego Chargers where he began his professional career in 2001.

He led the New Orleans Saints in 2009 to win Super Bowl XLIV and he was also honored as the competition’s Most Valuable Player. He has appeared in ProBowl’s All-Star competition eleven times and has also received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding performances.

Apart from being an amazing football player, Brees is also a philanthropist and has founded several foundations including Brees Dream Foundation which he established with his wife Bretagne to support cancer patients and for research. Additionally, the star has been involved in various promotions and the Pro Sports Team Challenge to help raise money for charity.

While still President of the United States, Barrack Obama appointed Drew Brees co-chair of the President’s Council on Health, Athletics, and Nutrition alongside Dominique Dawes.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the American Football Quarterback

Drew Brees’ Organic

Drew Christopher Brees was born in Austin, Texas, USA on January 15, 1979. He was born of the line of sports stars, his father played basketball for Texas A&M Aggie Men’s Team while his mother was an all-state champion in high school sports. His uncle Marty Akins was a Southwestern Conference quarterback in 1975 while his paternal grandfather, Ray Akins, was an excellent coach in Texas High School football history. He has a younger brother called Reid Brees and they were raised by their father Eugene Wilson Brees II, a prominent lawyer, and their mother, Mina Ruth Akins, also a lawyer.

When she was seven years old, her parents divorced and got joint custody of their two children. This caused Drew and his brother to split their time with both parents. They also have a half-sister named Audrey, from their father’s remarriage. He attended Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, where he played basketball and baseball.

During his high school years, Drew led his school club to finish first in the regular season and also win a state championship. After graduating, he enrolled at Purdue University in 1997, where he earned a degree in industrial management. He was then a quarterback for the Purdue team called Boilermakers. Heisman was a runner-up twice, which catapulted his team to the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl in 2000. Following his outstanding performance, he was honored with the Maxwell Award for being the top college player in the nation and won the national award. Football Foundation Scholarship, as well as the American Player of the Year Academic Award.

Professional career

After graduating from Purdue in 2000, Drewa began his professional career in 2001 when he was recruited by San Diego Chargers. He made his first appearance against the Kansas City Chiefs in November 2001. He earned a full-time starting berth with the club in 2002 and later, in 2004, led the team to the playoffs. In 2005, he left the San Diego Chargers after his career ended and later signed with the New Orleans Saints on a six-year, $60 million deal in 2006. recovery from the devastating hurricane Katrina.

However, Drew Brees has been with the club till date and has been considered one of their best quarterbacks. He led the Saints to a winning Super Bowl XLIV in 2009 and was also awarded the tournament’s most valuable player award. He set a new NFL record with 5,476 passing yards in 2011 and 2012; his contract was renewed with another five-year contract worth $100 million, the largest contract ever signed in the NFL. Additionally, in 2018, the elite quarterback signed another two-year, $50 million deal, with $27 million guaranteed with the Saints.


A closer look at New Orleans Saints Star DrewBrees, you’ll notice a scar on his face. The very obvious and often used to mock superstar scar is actually a birthmark. It’s quite unusual to see a celebrity have such a big scar on their face. Countless times, many people, including Oprah Winfrey when she first met Brees, thought it was a lipstick stain and tried to wipe it off.

When he was a child, he was often made fun of for being different and called him all sorts of names which he considered hurtful. At present, he has gained fame and can also remove the scar or use it to convey a message. Brees never considered plastic surgery despite having the resources to do so. Rather, he sees the birthmark as a mark of uniqueness and as something that makes him special in his own way.

Also, for those planning on whether he would, Drew says whether to take it out or not, as long as there’s no health issue, he stays there. The Star uses the scar as a way to demonstrate to the world that being different is a good thing and that it won’t stop you from achieving greatness, rather it will help you get there.

Family – wife / children

Drew Brees has been married to Brittany Dudchenko since February 2003. The couple met at a party at Purdue University during their college days. At the time, Drew was a sophomore and always got into mischief if he was around her. After a while, Brees mustered up the courage to take Brittany out with her and that’s how their great love story began. In February 2003, the couple tied the knot in a small wedding. They are blessed with four children – three sons named Callen, Bowen and Baylen and a daughter named Rylen Brees.

However, in 2006, after devastating Hurricane Katrina, Brees signed up with the New Orleans Saints and moved with his wife Brittany to New Orleans, where they started a family. Their four children were born in New Orleans and are also raised there. The love bond between Brees and Brittany has continued to grow and they live happily with their children. They usually vacation at their home in San Diego and there is still no news or sign of a divorce between the couple.

Body Measurements – Height / Weight

The outstanding New Orleans hitman is very masculine and has an attractive personality. He has an athletic bodybuild with body measurements (chest, biceps and waist) of 46-41-36 inches. Drew is very tall, 6 feet tall and weighs 95 kg. He has blue eyes and light brown hair.

Net worth and salary gains

Talented superstar Drew Brees has made a massive fortune from his career; he currently has a net worth of $130 million. Brees’ annual salary is $22 million.

Additionally, Brees and his wife Brittany established a foundation named Brees Dream Foundation in 2003. The foundation has been instrumental in improving the number of cancer patients, as well as providing educational opportunities for families. and children in need.

Brees is also active on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Quick Facts About Drew Brees/Wiki

Birth name: Drew Christopher Brees

Date of birth: January 15, 1979

Birthplace: Austin, Texas, United States

Birth sign: Capricorn

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: white

Education: Purdue University

Occupation: Professional football quarterback

Height: 6 feet (1.83m)

Weight: 95 kg (209 lbs)

Marital status: married

Spouse: Brittany Dudchenko (m. 2003 – date)

Children: 4 (Bowen, Baylen, Callen and Rylen)

Salary: $22 million

Net worth: $130 million

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