Derek Mears – biography, height, weight, ex-wife – Jennifer Flack

There are so many people in the world who desire to be movie stars – to deliver dialogue and stunts like we see on screen. While some achieve this dream, others do not. Again, some of those who do manage to break into the film industry do it effortlessly, while others have to put in so much hard work inside and outside the industry before they become known for their talents. Among such people is Derek Mears, famous for starring as Jason Voorhes, the serial killer in one of the nine Friday of the 13 films in existence.

He’s even become more popular since playing the title character in the new DC television series Swamp Thing Many don’t know much about Derek Mears’ journey to stardom as he had several other jobs to do before becoming the star we have all come to know and love as an actor.

Derek Mears’ Biography

Derek Mears is an American film actor and stuntman. Aside from the fact that he was born on April 29, 1972 in Bakersfield, California, little is known about his childhood other than that he graduated from Highland High School in 1990. He dabbled in improvisational comedy for a while before going to the movies. He originally wanted to be an actor, but not finding it easy to break through, got small roles as an actor and bigger roles as a stuntman.

His first film was the 1999 film Wild Wild West When he didn’t really get many roles in movies, he focused on TV roles and started in some episodes of TV series like The Shield, The Lightning and others. He got his big break in the film industry when he landed the role of Jason Voorhees, the lead in the 2009 film for which he was nominated for Best Villian at the MTV Awards on Friday the 13th. However, the award was given by Heath Ledger, who played the role of the Joker in DC’s The Dark Knight After that, he increasingly appeared in films and television series and played larger roles. In 2019, he played the role of Swamp Thing on DC’s television series Swamp Thingwhich was unfortunately canceled in June 2019, aired just a week after its premiere.

His stunt credits are in TV series like. Seen in Angels and Bones and in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl , Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man , Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Blades of Glory.

His capital

He’s said to be worth an estimated $3.5 million, most of which stems from his acting career. This number will most likely increase in the coming years.

His ex-wife – Jennifer Flack

Derek, a tall man who most ladies find attractive, is very single at the moment, but he hasn’t always been single. He was once married to Jennifer Flack, an actress. The duo met in 2006 and started dating in 2007. In 2008, they got married in a small wedding ceremony in front of a few friends and family members. They were together for four years before calling it quits in 2012. They didn’t have a child together. He is currently single and lives alone in New York.

Height, Weight – How tall is Derek Mears?

Derek Mears is a tall man in terms of his physique. He is the greatest actor to have played the role of Jason Voorhees from the horror franchise Friday The 13th. He stands at 6 feet 5.5 inches which is approximately 197 cm and weighs around 90 kg. The actor has no hair color as he is bald. His eyes are grey.

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More facts about Derek Mears

1. He has done several stunts for the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise including Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates of the Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man.

2. He loved the Dungeons and Dragons game as a kid.

3. He loves horror movies and TV series better than any other genre. (Maybe that’s why he’s been in so many)

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