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If there’s one man who fits the profile of a Boston Red Sox legend, it’s surely David Ortiz. We won’t just focus on his distinguished playing career, but delve into other areas of his illustrious life.

Biography (Age)

Dave was born on November 18, 1975 in SantoDomingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic to Enrique Leo Ortiz and Angela Rosa Arias. His full names are; David Americaco Ortiz Arias. He was born Dominican and therefore holds citizenship of that country, but he is also an American citizen due to having lived in the United States for a long time while playing baseball.

Baseball is the game that brought David Ortiz into the limelight, but make no mistake, it didn’t happen overnight as he started in his early years, often being coached by his father. His father, Enrique, played in the Dominican professional and semi-professional leagues for a few years and was able to transfer much of his knowledge and experience to young David. When it was time to go to college, Ortiz attended Estudia Espaillat High School in the Dominican Republic. While in high school, he became a standout player while playing on the school’s varsity baseball and basketball teams.

In an impressive career that spanned two decades, David Ortiz amassed 541 home runs and a 286 batting average. He has won the World Series three times and won the Silver Slugger, an impressive seven times. Ortiz was voted Most Valuable Player of the 2013 World Series. In 2017, in David Ortiz’s honor, the #34 jersey was retired by the Boston Red Sox.

family, wife

David Ortiz was blessed with a fun and accolade-laden career in MLB. On the other hand, her family has not sailed since she was a child. Ortiz has faced some ups and downs along the way. He was born the eldest of four siblings and during his formative years baseball was a big deal in the family.

His childhood heroes were the Martinez brothers, Ramon and Pedro, local boys who had gone to the major leagues and done well. But one hero that David could not deny his contribution was his father, Enrique nicknamed Leo. He had to give up his dream of being a baseball player when David was born. Although he and his wife later divorced, he still found a way to raise his children together, as their first child, David Ortiz, would always remember.

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David got married to his wife, Tiffany Brick who he met in Wisconsin while playing in the Seattle Minor League. They married in a private ceremony on November 16, 2002 and have been happily married ever since. Their time together as a couple has been blessed with three adorable children, two daughters, Jessica and Alex, and a son, D’Angelo. As we hinted before, his marriage couldn’t be easier.

The couple had their most difficult moment when in April 2013 they decided on an official separation. Ortiz noticed that sometimes nice things work for a while and then they stop working. It seemed, however, that the love and care they shared as a couple, as well as the children they had together, might be enough when they reconciled and got back together in June 2014. Now they live happily together without threat of separation.

Minnesota Twins Career

Ortiz began his career with the Seattle Mariners on November 28, 1992. After four years with the team, he was traded to the Minnesota Twins. He made his MLB debut for the Twins on September 2, 1997 and played with them until December 2002. It’s safe to say that the split between Ortiz and the Twins was far from pleasant as recorded over the years. . He felt they hadn’t done well in releasing him right after his wedding. He also had issues with the way his Twins team manager at the time, Tom Kelly, chose to run the team.

David Ortiz Height, Weight

David Ortiz is a great figure to behold and his body measurements support that position. He stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 228.8 pounds. He was affectionately nicknamed Big Grandpa.

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