David Niven – Bio, Wife, Children, Relationship with Barbara Niven

There are two David Nivens who have made the film industry known and both are related, one is the father and the other is the son. This article focuses on the latter, the son commonly referred to as David Niven Jr. Like his father, he is a British film actor and producer. Niven has worked as an executive at major film production companies such as Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures. Learn more about David Niven in the sections below.

David Niven Bio

David Niven was born David William Graham NivenJr. on December 15, 1942 in London. He was born to Primula Susan Rollo and David Niven, the famous Hollywood actor who once played James Bond. Niven’s mother, Primula Rollo, also known as Primmie, was the daughter of then-known London barrister William Rollo.

His father David Niven was also a well-known English novelist and memoirist. He has acted in several notable films including A Matter of Life and Death in which he played the role of squad leader Peter Carter, Around the World in 80 Days in which he played the role of Phileas Fogg and Pink Panther in which he played the role of Sir Charles Lytton played.

Senior Niven won an Academy Award in 1958 for his role in the film Separate Tables Niven Jr. has a younger brother named James Graham Niven who is an art auctioneer and patron of the arts.

He lost his mother, Primula Rollo, to a domestic accident at a very young age. This came not long after the Niven family moved to Hollywood to further elder David Niven’s career as an actor and producer. Rollo was visiting a friend and got involved in a game of hide and seek when she walked through a door believing it led to a closet when it really led to a step into a basement. Rollo fell and fractured his skull.


David Niven Jr.’s career is a dwarf compared to his father’s. He seemed more attached to his role as a behind-the-scenes film producer and never really made a big impression in his acting career.

His debut as a producer was with the 1976 film, The Eagle Has Landed He then went on to produce several other films and documentaries, many of which he directed. These include the 1979 film Escape to Athena , Monsignor (1982), Better Late Than Never (1983), Kidco (1984) and the documentary film, That’s Dancing which he produced in 1985.

In 1984, Niven Jr. also produced the TV Movie, The Night They Saved Christmas and the TV Movie documentaries Minnelli about Minnelli: Liza Remembers Vincente and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic in 1987 and 1990 respectively.

In 1993 he was executive producer of these films. Blue Flame , Psycho Cop Returns Earlier and the Cool Surface. His other mid-90s productions include RADD.: Driving My Car and Hungry-Eyed Girl.

Films in which he has acted include: Lisa (1989), in which he played the role of the patron of the flower shop, Cool Surface (1993), in which he played the role of Peeping Tom, and Rush Hour 3 in which he played as a British foreigner.

David Niven seemed to have brought his career to a halt in 1995 without any official reason. However, he appeared in 2009 to produce the short documentary film After Oz! The Making of a Classic

In a relationship with Barbara Niven, with wife and children

David Niven Jr. was married to Barbara Niven (born Barbara Lee Buholz) between 1993 and 1998, which shortens their marriage to five years. Like David, Barbara Niven is an American actress and producer. She has a career spanning decades and has appeared in a variety of films and TV shows. She is more active on the small screen, appearing in several Lifetime and Hallmark films.

Barbara is best known for her roles in television series such as Cedar Cove , A Life to Live and Pensacola: Wings of Gold She remains active in her acting career, particularly in Hallmark films.

Barbara’s divorce from David Nivien Jr. was her third divorce since she had previously separated from her first two husbands, including Ronald Garrison and David Alexander. Since their divorce, the two have become very quiet about their love lives.

Their short-lived marriage produced a daughter named Jessica Niven. According to her IMDB profile, she appeared in The Derelict: A Star Trek Fan Production in 2017.

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