Dave Rienzi: 6 facts about Dwayne Johnson’s personal trainer

Dwayne Johnson is a terrific personality with an equally terrific bodybuild, but do you know what? He credits his physique to his personal trainer, Dave Rienzi. Ever wondered why Dave deserved it? Let’s see his profile via these facts.

1. Dave Rienzi started his career as a coach.

Born on April 25, 1984 in America, he belongs to the North American ethnicity. He started his career as a trainer before becoming a bodybuilder and eventually The Rock’s personal trainer. He is an American bodybuilder, fitness trainer, bodybuilding model and also a businessman.

2. Dave Rienzi’s wife is Dwayne’s ex-wife.

Do you know about Dwayne Johnson’s marital life with his ex-wife, Dany Garcia? The two were college sweethearts while attending the University of Miami. They were paired as man and wife for 10 years, having married in 1997 after 7 years. Yes, that was in the past. Dany is now Dave’s wife.

They met during Rock’s fitness routine with Dave and got married on March 29, 2014. She is a film producer, professional wrestler and bodybuilder. The couple live a happy life together. The Rock is also fascinated by his relationship with American singer Lauren Hashian since 2007.

3. Dave oversees the Rock’s comprehensive fitness program while his wife is on (Dwayne’s) pro side.

Dany wasn’t just a wife to her ex-husband, she’s been since the early days of his WWE football career, so it wouldn’t be out of place to credit him with the brand he represents today. Her acting career is no slouch on the list she manages and she surely knows a thing or two about scripts, as she used to comment on the roles he plays.

Apart from the beautiful daughter, SimeoneAlexandra Johnson, whom they share, they created a production house named Seven Bucks and still run different businesses. We can confidently call them friends and business partners.

On the other hand, 2017 winner of Favorite Premium Series actor Dwayne the Rock is showing off his physique because Dave is at the forefront of helping him build and achieve that goal. The three D’s (Dwayne, Dave and Dany) are on good terms and even exchange gifts as friends.

The Rock considers Dave a good friend and credits him for his fitness and remarkable physique calling him his strength coach. He (Dwayne) sent his trainer a basket of cookies on his birthday and recognizes him for the look he wears.

4. He is passionate about his career and gets a good reward for it too.

Even before taking over as Rock’s personal trainer, Dave had competed in various bodybuilding competitions in the light heavyweight category. He placed 4th at the 2011 NPC USA Southeast Championships and recently competed in the IFBB in North America where he finished 3rd.

In addition to competing, he runs his Renzi Strength and Conditioning, a private training facility in Sunrise, Florida. His hard work, passion and dedication to his journey has earned him a well-deserved net worth of $2 million.

5. Dave Rienzi has trained other celebrities but the Rock remains the most famous.

The Rock was trained for 7 years by Billy Beck during his WWE career before stepping out to focus on Hollywood. However, just before Wrestlemania in 2011, he started working with Dave and since then he has been using his aesthetic skills to enhance and maintain rock’s immense physique. He promotes the Hercules workout program to his client.

Besides Dwayne, he has also trained many celebrities including NFL’s Kayvon Webster.

6. His body size is formidable.

The Rock is not the only one to have achieved great physical success, Dave is no slouch in the clique of terrible body owners. It has an ideal height of 1.84m (6′ 1″) which confidently supports a weight of 112 kg. Its other striking features include a chest that measures 47 inches, a waist of 22 inches and a hip of 34 inches.

Dave Rienzi believes in short, intense training with healthy eating. He says it helps the muscles and tones them up and he usually gives his trainees a 45-60 minute exercise protocol.

He is famous on Instagram with over 30,000 followers and on Twitter with over 700 followers.

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