Dacre Montgomery – Bio, Age, Height, Dating, Girlfriend, Sister, Is He Gay?

Being a Hollywood star didn’t come as a shock to Dacre Montgomery. He had been prepared for this from an early age. It’s safe to say he was born to do what he does. Because of this, within a short span of time in the industry, he has already attracted the attention of film lovers and media houses alike. He even has a signature face that can be costumed to look like a 16-year-old and a 61-year-old at the same time.

Dacre Montgomery crept into the hearts of many fans for his portrayal of Jason Lee Scott in Power Rangers and Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things The act he pulled off on Power Rangers was nothing compared to the stunt he pulled during his audition. He left the filmmakers with no doubts that he was the right guy for the role. Since then he has had a great time in films and on television.

Dacre Montgomery’s bio, dude

The morning of November 22, 1994 announced the birthof Dacre Montgomery. Born in Perth, Western Australia, the city where the Swan River meets the south west coast. He is the son of New Zealander Scott Montgomery-Harvey and Canadian Judith Barrett-Lennard. Both parents were filmmakers in Australia. No wonder Dacre Montgomery was interested in acting from an early age.

By the age of 9, Dacre Montgomery had started acting on screen and in theaters. This was heavily influenced by his parents. However, he developed a flair for acting and would desire a career in the film industry.

Though his parents didn’t mind him delving into it, they still wanted him to get an education. He attended Mount Lawley Senior High School in Perth. There he took lessons in dramatic art. He was so good that his classmates chose him as the most likely of them to become a Hollywood celebrity. On the other hand, he was fat and therefore a victim of bullying.

Dacre Montgomery was not one to be academically inclined. He struggled with his grades. What he lacked in academics, he gained in acting prowess. After further studies, he continued his acting studies, which he completed in the summer of 2015 at Edith Cowan University.

His sister

Dacre Montgomery enjoyed all the attention that came with being the only child for 12 years. Although it took longer, he had his long-awaited sibling.

Dacre Montgomery, writing on one of his social media accounts, remembers when his sister was born and how happy and proud he was to be a big brother. He went on to say that holding her in his hands gave him a sense of responsibility.

Is he dating who is his girlfriend?

Dacre is involved in a torrid romantic relationship with Australian model Liv Pollock. In 2018, Pollock put her studies on hold to join her celebrity lover while filming the third season in Atlanta on Stranger Things Despite suspicions that she felt insecure and knew her boyfriend was a Hollywood star, she denied being threatened by his celebrity status.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Liv Pollock said they were attracted to each other because of their mutual inclination towards art and design. She went on to say that their relationship is not threatened by Dacre Montgomery’s rising fame.

The duo have walked the red carpet at multiple events, including the Emmy Awards. You look so inseparable.

Is he gay?

There has been speculation about DacreMontgomery’s sexual orientation. His often mimic facial expressions and gestures didn’t help the situation at all. The rumors are that he could possibly be gay. However, it was neither confirmed nor debunked by him.

Even considering he fell head over heels for Liv Pollock, there could be a slim possibility that he’s straight or bisexual. As mentioned, none of this was official. The fact is he is sincere and has a great relationship with Liv Pollock.

How tall is Dacre Montgomery?

You can’t take it away from him, Dacre Montgomery has a very nice body structure. His physique is such that he is the delight of his female fans. Its size is pretty impressive. He stands at 5ft 10 (1.78 meters).

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