Columbus Short – Bio, Wife, Family, Height, Age, Where Is He Now?

Columbus Short is an actor, hot stepper and singer. His choreographic skills have notably been used in a handful of films, Save the Last Dance 2 and 2007 ‘s Stomp in the Yard . His most recent notable role was that of Harrison Wright in the Kerry Washington Scandal. Personal issues have plagued his career, and in recent years he has become less visible, but the actor isn’t giving up just yet, as he fights back every time life throws him down. Let us guide you through his journey until we reveal facts about his personal life.

Columbus Shorts Bio (Age)

Short was born Columbus Keith Short, Jr. on September 19, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents have two other sons, John Rancipher and Chris Staples. Short was born with entertainment in his genes and from the age of 3 these genes were evident through Short’s love of entertaining his relatives either through imitation, dancing or silly jokes.

At age 5, Short’s family moved to LA, where his mother began working as a talent manager. Short then began honing his entertainment skills at a youth theater. He also attended Orange County High School for the Arts and later took part in the Broadway tour of Stomp, a British percussion group.

In 2004, Short began his acting career in the small role of a dancer on You Were Served. The following year, he made his small screen debut with roles in the ER, judging Amy and Raven. Symones That’s So Raven. Columbus Short would continue to have more success in film with roles in Stomp the Yard, Cadillac Records, The Losers and others.

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Columbus Short had a very rough time in his romantic life. The actor has been plagued by divorce drama for years stemming from his occasional domestic abuse of his mistress.

The actor was first married to a certain Brandi Short at an unknown time and they divorced by 2003, a time when he hadn’t appeared in the entertainment industry. They had a daughter named Ayala. Two years after that divorce, Short married dancer Tanee McCall.

They stayed together until 2013 when she filed for divorce. The couple appeared to have worked things out shortly thereafter, as no news of the divorce emerged until April 2014, when Short’s misbehavior pushed her to file for divorce a second time. According to her filing, Short threatened to kill her and himself. She also got a restraining order against him.

The actor admitted to assaulting his wife and in the face of jail time, however, he escaped by pleading guilty. In September 2015, to avoid jail time, Short did not face a felony charge for punching a man at a Los Angeles restaurant. For his sentence, he received a three-year suspended sentence that included two months of community work and trouble management consulting.

Kurz found love again in Aida Abramyan and married her in 2017. However, he didn’t quite understand his bad behavior when reports surfaced that he had physically assaulted her in November 2017, a few weeks after their wedding. His wife Aida would come to refute the claims via social media.

For violating his probation, Short was sentenced to 1 year behind bars. He served 34 days of his prison sentence before being released. Columbus Short has three children by three different women, including the current Aida Abramyam.

Where is he now?

Personal issues have severely plagued Short’s career, but the actor is moving on. He has reportedly lost his role as Harrison Wright in Shonda Rhimes’ drug abuse scandal. Shortly after this brief jail time, his career came to a halt. However, things are different now.

Many of his fans love to put it, “Short is Back.” He’s booked gigs again and produced his own films as part of his Great Picture Show. Vogue exclusively reported in October 2018 that Short is working on several film projects with Dame Dash Studios. Dame Dash told Vogue that her new project has focused on bringing new and honest stories that have yet to be told. Some of the film projects include; The list, a shot for justice and black dots.


His name may be “Short”, but “Short” isn’t quite that short. The average perfectly describes his height of 5ft 9in which equals 1.75m.

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