Cole Hauser – Bio, Wife – Cynthia Daniel, Children, Siblings, Height

In both film and television series, the American actor ColeHauser was notable. The actor is known for his versatility and significant contribution to the entertainment industry. Hauser began gracing the big screens with his talent in the early ’90s and has been very consistent over the years. Beginning with Robert Mandel’s School Ties in 1992 was an interesting career journey for the actor. Cole is also known for a variety of other films and series. Find out more about the actor below.

Cole Hauser – Bio

He was born Cole Kenneth Hauser on March 22,1975 to his parents in Santa Barbara, California. Unfortunately, his parents divorced two years after his birth, resulting in him being separated from his father. Cole Hauser moved to Oregon with his mother, after which they relocated back to Florida. Eventually they settled in Santa Barbara.

Hauser’s first significant encounter in acting was when he enrolled in a talent summer camp in New England. After a notable performance on the platform, he took a leading role in the stage play. Dark Side of the Moon Cole Hauser soon left high school after the encounter to pursue a career in acting. His first film role was in School Ties in 1992, where he starred as Jack Connors. He went on to land more roles in films such as Higher Learning and Goodwill Hunt

The actor welcomed the 2000s with a role in the film Pitch Black (2000) as Williams J. Johns. Two years later, he landed a role in Hart’s War alongside actors Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell. In 2003, Cole Hauser starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious , the second installment of the Fast and Furious series. He was a mob boss in the film and quite notable. He then appeared in the popular medical series ER He also starred in Action Paparazzi produced by Mel Gibson.

Cole Hauser’s guest appearances on the Series Faculty also include his 2007 appearance on the FOX series K-Ville After the show was cancelled, he left and went on to star in the drama The Stone Angel In 2010, Cole Hauser landed the role of Jimmy Godfrey in another series titled The Chase His next series was villain a and as Ethan Kelly on the Audience Network show for a period of three years. He also previously starred in Action, Die Hitliste It was indeed an interesting journey for the actor.

Family – parents, siblings

Coming from a family of actors and filmmakers, acting must have been a legacy for Cole Hauser. His father, Wings Hauser, is an actor and director known for the 1980s film Tough Guys Don’t Dance His mother, Cass Warner, is a notable film industry stakeholder who founded Warner Sisters, a film production company. Cole’s grandfather, Dwight Hauser, was a well-known screenwriter with several awards such as the Oscar to his name.

Hauser grew up with his mother, sisters Tao, Vanessa and his half-brother Jesse Pool. After his parents divorced, his mother took her children and moved several times before returning to Santa Barbara. It was when Cole met his father again after so many years that Wings encouraged him to sign up for auditions. And being prone to action, he did not hesitate to keep the line. The actor recalls that he was around 15 years old when he saw his father again.

Personal life – wife, children

Amid his busy schedules, Cole Hauser never stops making time for love and family. The actor is happily married to his wife Cynthia Daniel, a former actress and photographer. Daniel made waves in the ’90s with her performance on the teen drama Up Sweet Valley The couple tied the knot in 2006, and continue to grow strongly. Together, Cole and Cynthia have three children. Their first son Ryland was born in 2004. In 2008 they welcomed their second son Colt and in 2013 a daughter Steely Rose.

height and weight

Cole Hauser appears at first glance to be a tall actor, standing at 1.85 m tall. He has a proportional weight of 79 kg. Hauser definitely wouldn’t find it difficult to fit into a character with his average build.

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