Claude Akins – Actor’s Bio, Movies, TV Shows and Family Life

Claude Akins was a Hollywood star who offered a full-time US career before beginning his long career as an actor. After serving in the US Signal Corps during World War II in the Pacific, he attended college to prepare for the one dream his heart longs for. This renewed interest in acting was underpinned by the distinctive physique that allowed him to play recognizable villains in most of his films. Claude surprised Hollywood by showing unrivaled talent throughout his career.

Though his commanding looks portray him as tough, Claude Akins was a sweet and loving man to his wife, children, and everyone who knew him. Below are some details about the icon that interests everyone.

Claude Akins – Bio

He was born on May 25, 1926 in Nelson, the USA His father, Ernest, was a former stonemason who later became a police officer, and his mother’s name was Maude. He had an older sister named Hazel. The family moved from his home in Nelson, Georgia to Bedford, Indiana when Claude was six months old. Shortly after graduating from Bedford High School, he enlisted and served in the US Army Signal Corps (WWII, Burma and Philippines).

The inevitable end of World War II is resurrected dream he nurtured in his heart and opened a possible path to pursue it. Claude began his search when he enrolled and graduated from Northwestern University, where he majored in language and drama. Shortly after quitting his job selling limestone, he joined the Barter Theater Touring Company of “Comedy of Errors” in Abingdon, Virginia in the late 1940s and learned more skills.

Movies and TV Shows

Claude Akin’s first try came with a small part in the Broadway production of The Rose Tattoo. That role was followed by another from Columbia Pictures when Claude was cast as Sergeant Baldly Thom in his film debut, From Here to Eternity (1953). He quickly began working dark characters in films such as The Caine Mutiny (1954), The Defiant Ones (1958), Rio Bravo (1959), Inherit The Wind (1960) and How The West Was Won. to play “(1962),” Merrill’s Marauder “(1962) and” The Devil’s Brigade “(1968). He also began his notable appearances in such television shows as “Dragnet”, “Gunsmoke”, “I Love Lucy”, “The Rifleman “, “Wanted: Dead or Alive”, “The Man from UNCLE” and “bonanza”. and much more than we can remember.

In the early 1970s, Akins found tremendous success in his career, appearing in several supernatural films as the “no-nonsense” sheriff in both “The Night Stalker” (1972) and “The Norliss Tapes” (1973), and was barely recognizable as war under his monkey make-up Aldo in “Battle for the Planet of the Apes” (1973). Prior to his role as Sheriff Lobo, Claude Akins starred in NBC’s “Moving On,” which aired with Frank Converse from 1974-1976. He has appeared in over 40 episodes of Moving On as well as a TV movie, In Tandem. These successes brought him constant popularity and landed the actor a role as Stoney Huff in the movie titled ‘Nashville 99’ – although the movie was a short hour-long drama.

The actor has done a testimonial TV commercial for PoliGrip, Rollins Truck Leasing and AAMCO Transmissions gave safety briefings, Safety Shorts, his unique voice explaining the benefits of health and safety to many employees. Surprisingly, he sang on an episode of Moving On and co-hosted the 15th Academy of Country Music Awards the same year he was cast as Sheriff Lobo.

Aside from the actor’s commanding physics, his unique baritone voice has been widely recognized. A voice that supported the dark characters he portrays in most of his films. Whether it was a fearless villain or a cowardly character, he has a different way of bringing toughness to each role. Despite this, his manner and humanity attracts people outside of the film industry.

Family life of the actor

Claude Akins continued to offer fans wonders, from his myriad films and television shows to the news about his cancer. He fought for his life before succumbing to the disease in January 1994.

The actor married Therese Fairfield in 1952 and they remained together until his death in 1994. The couple had three children – two girls, Wendy and Michelle, and a son, Claude Jr.

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