Chuku Modu – British Actor’s Bio, Movies & TV Shows, Wife & Family

Hollywood is an industry that boasts diversity. As in the biblical upper room, it is easy to find or identify with someone of a similar, if not the same, race, ethnic language, or country. Chuku Modu is an actor whose mixed heritage, alongside his talent and skill, resonates with most.

He is an English actor, known for his roles in both film and TV shows Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel, and The Good Doctor.

Chuku Modo Bio

The Good Doctor actor was born on June 19, 1990 in the town of Hammersmith in West London, England. Named after Chukwuma (an Igbo; southeastern Nigerian name, which as much as God knows) Modu, he holds British nationality but has a cocktail of ancestry; Nigerians, Germans, English and Irish.

Growing up, Modu was interested in a range of activities, but sports, particularly boxing and art, stood out among the rest. At the age of 12 he began boxing training. He also attended the theater regularly, including The Globe Theater in London, where he learned the principles of stage performance. It might be during these visits that he considered the prospect of an acting career.

In 2012, Chuku Modu took her interest in acting to the next level by enrolling at Richmond Drama School in the Southwestern Borough of Greater London. After his education he started his acting career.

Filmography – movies and series

Chuku Modu recorded a number of short film appearances including The Dawn, The Last Days of Margaret Thatcher and Loft No.5 , all in 2014 and also in another 2015 short film called Steps Then, in 2016, he had a small speaking role in the Warner Bros. romantic film Me Before You as a Mauritian waiter. The film also cast Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Jenna Coleman, Charles Dance, Vanessa Kirby and Joanna Lumley in lead roles.

Later that year, he announced his presence with a recurring role on HBO ‘s Game of Thrones as Aggo. He also had three other film roles in the short films Heavyweight Paris and Survival in the role of Talib and Rick in Open All Night Though Modu has mostly acted in short films on the big screen, that doesn’t mean he has any less acting skills, as he’s consistently cast his roles with impressive performances and elite dialogue.

In 2017, he appeared in multiple episodes of the Crackles crime comedy-drama web series Snatch as the Flying Squad Leader. Chuku Modu had another career-defining role on television. He joined the main cast of ABC’s medical television series The Good Doctor as Dr. Jared Kalu, a surgeon who is determined to be ahead of the game. Although his time on the series turned out to be short-lived as he didn’t return for the second season, he still manages to keep fans waiting for his next projects. His fame grew even more when he debuted at Marvel Studios in 2019. Captain Marvel as Soh-Larr starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Chuku Modu is not only an actor, but also a writer and producer. He co-wrote the short film Heavy Weight in 2016 and is credited as a writer and executive producer on Freedom’s Name Is Mighty Sweet which is forthcoming. He will also appear as Charles Hunter in the upcoming film.

Wife, Family of British Actor

Chuku Modu’s parents are of human origins. He has Nigerian and German roots from his father and Anglo-Irish heritage from his mother. While their mixed ethnicity is conspicuous in the details of his people, other important information such as their names and careers remain unknown.

Modu grew up in Hammersmith alongside his younger sister, who is named Jazz Modu. The duo share a special bond and he refers to her as his best friend. She celebrates her birthday every October 23, and Chuku usually takes to social media to wish her a happy birthday.

The actor, who stands at a tall height of 61.93 meters, is not yet married but has been in a relationship with Coral Alice Natale since 2014. Coral is a fashion enthusiast and co-founder of a London-based fashion consultancy called WE ARE CANDID. Although he doesn’t talk about her, their closeness is quite evident on his Instagram, where she appears regularly. It seems that Chuku Modu has found the partner who resembles a woman and they are likely to get married soon.

In addition to his size, he has a white streak in his hair, which also distinguishes him among great animators. He loves horseback riding and has a dog named Lelita.

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