Christoph Waltz – Biography, Net Worth, Wife and Other Important Facts

Christoph Waltz has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a successful actor and director. The German-Austrian actor and filmmaker started out as an actor before expanding his tentacles into the creative world of filmmaking. Waltz has received many accolades and awards throughout his career including the Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and many more.

Christoph’s work with well-known filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, which includes films including Inglourious Basterds , Django Unchained and others, made him very popular in the industry as well as getting him attention from stakeholders. It will be interesting to learn more about Waltz. Here are lesser known facts about the actor and director.

Christoph Waltz – biography

He was born on October 4, 1956 in Vienna to his parents; Johannes Waltz, father and Elizabeth Urbancic, mother. Waltz must have gotten his showbiz traits from his parents, who were costume and set designers. What’s more, his maternal grandparents were also into showbiz. Waltz attended the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, where he studied acting. He also studied method acting in New York.

After his education, Christoph made his way to stage performance and left an impression in various theaters. In the ’80s, he pursued a television degree and made several appearances that spoke volumes about his talent. Waltz began directing in 2000, making his debut with Wenn man dart, a German production.

He next worked with Quentin Tarantino to star in his groundbreaking film Inglourious Basterds (2009) as SS-Standartenfuhrer Hans Landa. His character, also known as “The Jew Hunter”, earned him a Best Actor award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and received critical acclaim from various interest groups. For this unique Tarantino film, Waltz was placed on a high pedestal among his peers. He was the first actor to receive an award from a Tarantino film.

The acclaimed filmmaker himself has admitted that Inglourious Basterds came to life with the contribution of Christoph Waltz, who he described as indispensable to the character. A notable performance by the actor motivated Tarantino to play the character of bounty hunter Dr. Writing specifically to King Schultz in his 2012 Django Unchained

He previously played the role of a gangster in The Green Hornet (2011). Waltz’s role in Django Unchained earned him many awards including The Golden Globe, BAFTA as well as the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He starred in Reykjavik, a film based on the 1986 US-USSR peace talks. The actor-director then made his way to the main judging panel for the 2013 Canes Film Festival.

Other directors include the opera Der Rosenkavalier at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp, also in 2013. Other film appearances followed. Christoph starred in the James Bond film Ghost in 2014. He played the character of Ernest Stavro Blofeld in the film. He previously played the character of Walter Keane in the biographical drama, Big Eyes directed by Tim Burton.

His capital

Christoph Waltz sits on an estimated net worth of a whopping $20 million. This figure was compiled from his long list of acting and directing work. So far it’s been a thriving career for Waltz, who has continued to excel in the business.

Personal life – wife, children

Being a person of his caliber, it’s almost impossible for the actor to keep his personal life away from the prying eyes of the media. However, not much is known about his first wife, but it is known that the actor has three children with him. Waltz is married to costume designer Judith Holste. Together they gave birth to a daughter in 2005.

Other facts you need to know about the actor

  • Christoph became a German citizen after his German father applied for citizenship when he was born. The actor received his Austrian citizenship in 2010.
  • In addition to the Canes Film Festival in 2013, Walz was also a jury member at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in 2014.
  • Waltz returned to Antwerp in 2017 when he directed the opera production Falstaff
  • The talented actor and director speaks English, French, Italian and of course German, although he admits he’s not that fluent in Italian.
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