Christian Bale – Bio, Height, Wife, Net worth, Age, Weight, Children, Where is he now?

There may not be a better actor in Hollywood that can result in a major body transformation for an acting role like Christian Bale has achieved in his career. He has made this known for the roles of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan’s superhero films. Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and for the role of Dick Cheney in Adam Mckay’s Vice (2018). Join us as we take a look at the life, career, earnings and many other things affecting the multi-award-winning Welsh-born actor.

Biography (Age)

Christian Bale was born Christian Charles PhilipBale, the only son of four children of Jenny (née James) and David Bale, on 30 January 1974 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. His mother worked as a circus performer while his father was an entrepreneur, commercial pilot and talent manager.

From a young age, with family moving to Wales, various cities in England and then Portugal, Bale had developed a keen interest in acting. He landed his acting debut at the age of 8 in a fabric softener commercial. The following year he played a child rock star in a Pac-Man Cereal commercial before making his stage debut with Rowan Atkinson in the 1984 London West End production of The Nerd. Two years after that show, Bale made his film debut in the TV movie Anastasia: The Secret of Anna (1986), where he played Tsarevich Alexei Nikolayevich of Russia. He subsequently appeared in films such as Mio in the Far Country (1987), Empire of the Sun (1987), Henry V(1989) and Treasure Island (1990), in which all of his performances earned him rave reviews.

Aged about 16 while attending Bournemouth School, Bale’s parents divorced. Because of this, he and his father moved to Los Angeles, California, while his mother and sisters stayed behind in the southern English seaside town of Bournemouth. While in the States, Bale continued to hone his craft, appearing in musical films such as Newsies (1992) and Swing Kids (1993), as well as the Disney animation Pocahontas (1995), in which he voiced the role of Thomas and one of the most sought-after actor in Hollywood.

Christian Balle’s family – wife and children

Christian Bale is happily married to actress,Sandra Blazic. Mrs. Bale, popularly known as Sibi, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to parents of Serbian descent. The 6’1″ actress attended the University of Southern California, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business before working as a model and makeup artist.

Bale, who had spoken outright about not wanting to marry since everyone in his family was divorced, met his future wife while she was working as a personal assistant to Bale’s girlfriend, actress Winona Ryder. The two soon fell head over heels in love before deciding to elope to Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2000. Together they have two children: a daughter named Emmaline who was born in 2005 and a son named Joseph who was born in 2014.

Wealth (income and earnings)

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, Christian Bale has an estimated net worth of $80 million. This should come as no surprise as the Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning actor has appeared in numerous popular films, some of which include American Psycho (2000), The Mechanic (2004) and the Batman trilogy, one of which is among the ten best films in the world.

Height, weight and body measurements

Fans of Christian Bale have described his height as deceptively large. That’s because he’s appearing shorter and shorter despite measuring an impressive 183cm. The athletic bodybuilder, whose hair and eyes are dyed dark brown, weighs approximately 82 kg and has body measurements of 46 inches, arms/biceps 16 inches and waist 31 inches.

Where is he now?

Christian Bale is still very involved in acting, although he has achieved considerable success. More recently, the British actor, who has been a resident of Los Angeles, California since 1992 and has been a US citizen since then, has appeared in films such as The Big Short (2015), Knight of the Cup (2015), The Promise (2016) and Hostile (2017). In 2018, he underwent a major body transformation to take on the role of former US Vice President Dick Cheney in the biographical film Vice (2018).

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