Chris Sarandon – Bio, Spouse, Age, Net worth, Is he related to Susan Sarandon?

Chris Sarandon is everything any actor wants to be. Since the beginning of his career in the 1960’s he has done everything – stage acting, television, films, voice acting and much more. This honest industry veteran is best known for movies like The Princess Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fright Night, and Dog Day Afternoon.

He has worked with a variety of A-list actors and performers throughout his career and has garnered a slew of his nominations for his efforts, including an Oscar for Best Supporting in Dog Day Afternoon.

Chris Sarandon’s Bio (Age)

Christopher Sarandon Jr. was born on July 24, 1942 in West Virginia to Turkish parents of Greek descent – Christopher and Cliffie Sarandon. They were both restaurateurs. Sarandon attended Woodrow Wilson High School and then attended West Virginia University. He received a Masters in Theater Studies from the Catholic University of America (CUA).

His career began with him as an improviser and toured with many stage production companies. His first acting work came in 1965 when he was involved in the stage drama The Rose Tattoo. He landed his first television role three years later in Exemplar. After a few more television appearances, he was cast in his first film Dog Day Afternoon (1975) alongside stars like Al Pacino, Penelope Allen and John Cazale. His transgender role in the film earned him a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination.

As his career unfolded, two things became apparent from the roles Chris Sarandon took on. He did not like playing the role of a villain and loved classic films.

In the ’70s and ’80s, Sarandon was involved in such films as Lipstick (1976); The Sentinel (1977), The Day Christ Died (1980) and Fright Night (1985). It takes a special kind of actor to perform in the roles he chooses. For example, he was a demon in The Sentinel, and he was Jesus Christ three years later in The Day Christ Died.

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Chris Sarandon continued to break boundaries and expand his acting portfolio, collaborating with other top actors such as Dennis Hopper and Goldie Hawn. In 1987 he was notable in his role as Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride and as Mike Norris in 1988 ‘s Child’s Play.

His best works of the 1990s included The Risen (1991); Lincoln and the War Within (1992); and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). In the latter, he voiced for the character Jack Skellington. He has since reprized that role in a number of video games including Kingdom Hearts II – English Idiom, and Oogie’s Revenge.

Around the turn of the millennium, Chris Sarandon played a role as Dr. Burke in NBC’s hit medical drama ER from 2000 to 2002. He has also appeared in other series such as Judging Amy (2002), Law & Order (2002 – 2004); The Unusual (2009); Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2017).

Spouse: Is he related to Susan Sarandon?

The actor is no stranger to the art of walking down the aisle. since 1967 he has been in three different relationships.

His first marriage was to Susan Tomalin. They met when Sarandon was studying theater at the Catholic University of Washington. They fell in love and went from classmates to husband and wife in 1967 while still students at CUA. Both pursued acting careers while Susan chose to take Susan Sarandon as her professional name. Although both have had extremely successful acting careers, the same cannot be said of their marriage as the couple demanded in their union in 1979.

The following year, Chris Sarandon tied the knot with Lisa Ann Cooper. Although this marriage did not last as long as his first, the actor had children only from this union, a son and two daughters. They divorced in 1989.

In 1994 he switched roles with another name from the entertainment world, Joanna Gleason. The couple met in 1991 while they were both in the cast of the Broadway musical Nick & Nora. Chris Sarandon and Joanna have been together ever since. They also worked together on the set of some films like American Perfect (1997) and Let the Devil Wear Black (1999).

What is his net worth?

How wealthy is Sarandon? Considering his career on stage, screen and voice, the native of West Virginia has well over 100 credits to his name. Not many actors can boast of such a weighty portfolio. However, Chris began acting at a time when the takeaway wasn’t nearly as intense as it is today for industry veterans. It’s a reasonable way to justify his $5 million net worth.

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