Chosen Jacobs – Biography, Age, Height, Mother, Family, Net Worth

Achieving an instant breakthrough in a film industry as competitive as Hollywood is no easy feat and for that Chosen Jacobs should be applauded. Barely a year after moving to Hollywood to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional entertainer, the young lad turned heads with his performance as Mike Hanlon in the horror film. It, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same title was originally published in 1986. Plus, Chosen has had some notable roles on the small screen, with quite a few accolades to his name. Here’s everything you need to know about the chosen one.

Selected Jacobs Biography (Age)

Chosen Jacobs was born on July 1, 2001 in Springfield, Massachusetts but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Jacobs had already started exploring his entertainment skills at the age of 6, starting with singing. He was part of the Georgia Boys Choir and sang with them at opera both nationally and internationally.

Soon after, he enrolled in drama classes and Jacobs made his very first appearance in a Hot Wheels commercial and also performed at local theaters in Atlanta. He booked parts in productions of “Into the Woods”, “Hairspray” and “The King and I”. After moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Jacobs took part in a few small projects, including the short film Leftovers, which earned him an Endless Mountains Film Festival for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Jacobs Chosen booked his first major appearance playing the role of Will Grover in the Action Police procedural series. Hawaii Five-0 A year after his role on the CBS television series, Jacobs broke with Stephen King’s It In his interview with BET, Jacobs explained how smoothly the audition went and how he was cast for the role after just one audition instead of the usual five or six.

The film was one of Stephen King’s most anticipated horror films of 2017, and when it hit theaters, Jacobs and his lesser-known castmates caught instant attention. He would play Young Mike Hanlon in the 2019 sequel, It Chapter Two

Chosen Jacobs is on his way to becoming Stephen King when he landed the role of Wendell Deaver in Castle Rock , a psychological horror web series based on the stories of Stephen King. The series premiered on Hulu in July 2018 and is in full swing.

Jacobs has not neglected his musical roots. As a piano and guitarist, he wrote and produced the song “Losers” which was part of the “IT Movie Playlist” on Spotify. Jacobs, whose genre is R n B, and hip-hop musicians hope that he will release music in the near future.

What is his net worth?

Jacobs’ career is quite young, so his net worth has yet to be determined. However, with a handful of successful roles already in place, Jacobs’ bank account should look pretty nice. It grossed a whopping $700 million on a budget of just $35 million. With those huge numbers, Jacobs definitely got his paycheck in the 6 digits. So it’s safe to assume that Chosen Jacobs is a millionaire.

Selected Jacobs mother and family

Selected Jacobs is fairly new in the spotlight, so not many details about his personal life are readily available. That said, one family member Jacobs obviously cares about so much is his mother.

In some of his interviews, Jacobs has revealed how his mother has been one of his biggest supporters since he was a child. She enrolled him in theater classes and moved the family from Atlanta to Los Angeles to improve her son’s chance of a successful career in show business.

Jacobs has scattered photos of her on his Instagram page with accompanying captions declaring his love for her. Judging by her appearance, Jacobs’ mother is quite young. Although he rarely speaks of his father, Jacobs has said that he called him “Chosen” after thinking he overheard an Asian baby saying a word that sounded like “Chosen”. Jacob’s family includes a sister. He revealed to BET that he has family in Massachusetts where he was born.


In a short space of time in the spotlight, the body has already undergone some obvious changes. He seems to be building muscle. The actor stands at 5ft 7in and at over 18 years of age there is a chance he may never get taller.

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