Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy’s marriage over the years – How did they meet?

Celebrities have their circles where they meet and tango, but with a seemingly growing number of celebrity couples meeting on the set of a movie or TV show, the question is whether the set is the only place in Hollywood to meet people asks for an answer. However, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt inspired music icons Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, to music icons Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, who met on set. The voice in 2015, the data couldn’t be truer. Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy hailed him in 2008 when they met while filming the ITV adaptation Wuthering Heights together.

The super-talented couple went on to become one of the cutest and most enviable couples out there. Although it was Riley’s first marriage, the Mad Max: Fury Road star was married to producer Sarah Ward in 1999’s union, which was cut short by Tom’s personal struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. However, he entered rehab in 2003 and being a father was also instrumental in his decision to stay committed to his decision to be drug and alcohol free. Tom Hardy has a son, Louis Thomas Hardy, who was born in 2008 with ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed.

He achieved worldwide fame as a star in movies and TV shows, including The Dark Knight, Inception, Bronson, The Revenant, Locke, and the anti-hero movie, Venom For her part, Riley is undeterred by her career. Some of his amazing works include Edge of Tomorrow alongside Emily Blunt, Trust, Press, Endless World, Dark Heart and the TV drama King Charles III

How did Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy meet?

As mentioned earlier, the duo met in 2008 on the set of the UK adaptation of Wuthering Heights where Hardy portrayed Heathcliff and Riley played Cathy. Although it was a work at first, it soon turned into a romance that transcended into something much more. They’ve managed to scale the heights of the city’s tinsel stages to establish one of the loveliest bonds in recent times.

The acting couple got engaged the following year. True Love doesn’t wait, does it? Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy have since starred together in other works, including The Hold and the TV gangster series, Peaky Blinders

The couple decided to elope in Provence, France to marry in 2014, escaping the pomp and typical celebrity glam. Although secret and private, the nuptials were a beautiful, low-key event attended by their friends and family, which made it even more special.

More than their beautiful start as a couple, is the progression of their marriage. They may have celebrated only four wedding anniversaries but already serve us not easy to beat two goals as you will soon see.

Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy’s marriage over the years

Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy are not a couple for flamboyant display or lifestyle. They are reluctant to announce life and family events, such as pregnancy, and tend to shy away from the public eye. Even their marriage was kept secret for a few weeks before the world was outed. Tom and Charlotte may only have been married for four years and seem to matter, but seem to have completely figured out how to balance their public and private lives.

The actor couple welcomed their first child in October 2015. They are not revealing the name or gender of their offspring and are yet to share a single picture of the toddler. The couple have made it a point to keep their children out of the spotlight. They were expecting their second child together in July 2018.

Tom and Charlotte are building a warm, loving, calm but stable and enviable family as well as raising their children in the best possible way. Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy are not much different from other couples or parents. They also associate their careers with parenthood in the same way most parents do; a little juggling and all the help they can get.

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