Chad Duel – Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Chad Duell is an American actor best known for starring in the award-winning ABC soap opera General Hospital. He plays the character Michael Corinthos, the adoptive son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos who murders his stepmother. He is loved by millions of fans around the world who diligently follow his work and continue to support his career growth in any way they can. Chad’s phenomenal performance as Michael Corinthos has brought him fame, recognition and a host of accolades, including three nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for the Daytime Emmy Awards. He was nominated for a 2015 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and took home the award.

The young actor had proven time and again that he is well trained and masters his craft. He is not afraid to take on challenging roles that show the depth of his talent and ability. Chad has appeared in other films and television series including Disney ‘s The Suite Life on Deck and The Wizards of Waverley Place.

Chad Duel Biography (Age)

The award-winning television star was born on 14. September 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. He finished his early education at Mountainside Middle School before transferring to Arizona’s Desert Mountain High School. He played high school football and was an active member of the theater group. It became apparent that he had a real talent for acting, so after high school he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career.

Chad scored his debut role as a supporting character on the hit comedy series, The Suite Life in Death This led to him booking another role on another Disney show, The Wizards of Waverley. The success of these shows has put him in the spotlight and opened up more opportunities. The producers of the hit television series, General Hospital announced that Chad will be taking over the role of Michael Corinthos from actor Drew Garrett.

It was a big shoe to fill considering Chad had very limited acting experience and Drew was already popular with viewers, but that didn’t deter him. Chad threw himself into the role and it paid off as he became a fan favorite. To date, he has received a Daytime Emmy win and four nominations for his outstanding performance on the show.

Some of his most memorable storylines are accidentally shooting another character, being shot and left in a coma, murdering his stepmother, being sentenced to prison where he is raped by another inmate, growing up in the midst of a bitter struggle between his two families and the fight of trying to find love despite everything. Chad Duell manages to take all of that and play it realistically and convincingly.

In 2017, Chad appeared in the third season of The Bay. He played the character Adam Kenway.

What is his net worth?

The actor has managed to earn a decent amount through his acting career which has put him in a strong financial position. He makes between $13,000 and $16,000 per episode on General Hospital. His net worth is currently estimated at $1 million.

Chad’s family and girlfriend

Information and details about Chad’s family are not readily available. The actor had not yet revealed this aspect of his personal life to the public. He had managed to keep his family out of the media eye.

Chad Duell was already a little romanticrelationships. He proposed to Taylor Novak on August 26, 2011 while they were at Disney World. The couple had only been together for nine months at the time, but they were in a hurry to spend the rest of their lives together. Chad and Taylor were married on September 15, 2012 in a small private wedding ceremony. However, the marriage was annulled the same year.

The actor began dating his co-star Kristen Alderson shortly after his marriage ended and they dated until 2015 when she left the show and moved to her hometown.

In 2016, Duel began dating actress, celebrity trainer, and fitness model Courtney Hope. She is known for appearing in The Bold and the Beautiful, as Sally Spectra.

Size – how tall is he?

Chad Duell has impressive facial and body features that give him an extra edge in his career. He stands at 6ft 0in which is quite tall.

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