Cayden Boyd – Biography, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend

From the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, FredSavage, Dakota to Miley Cyrus, there are many child actors who have gone on to become great actors. Cayden Boyd may not be quite in the big class just yet, but he might as well be on his way. He is an actor popular for his roles in films like The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Have Dreams, Travel. He is also a voice actor and a social marketer.

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Cayden Boyd Biography

Cayden Boyd was born on May 24, 1994 in Bedford, Texas to Debbie Boyd and Mike Boyd. He was raised alongside his sister, Jenna Boyd, an award-winning actress.

Growing up, he was encouraged into creative arts by his parents and because of this, he started playing the violin and cello when he was in school. Aside from that, he was also a keen sportsman as he played for the school football team in high school. He received the Wendy High School Heisman Memorial Trophy Award for his soccer skills.

Much later, he would go to Pepperdine University, where he earned a degree in business administration. He attended the University of Malibu from 2012 to 2016.

Since he and his sister are busy, his family moved to California from Texas to give the kids a better chance to pursue their dreams. Cayden Boyd’s career in the entertainment world began as a child with roles in a few television commercials and then other small acting roles. In 2003, he was in a McDonald ‘s ad that earned him Best Performance in a Commercial nomination at the Young Artist Awards.

His first television role was in an episode of the television series medical comedy-drama Scrubs The next year, he landed an episode in both Taina and The King of Queens , before crossing into Century City and Jordan He went on to make other guest appearances on various TV shows including Awkward (2014 to 2015), The Mick (2017) and Heiden (2018).

Cayden Boyd made his film debut in 2002 when he appeared in Mistake as Young Mark and then in 2003 when he starred in Crazy Friday as one of Harry’s friends, Mystic River as Michael Boyle and then Exposed as Jared.

In 2004 he was Timmy in the sports comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and in 2005 he appeared in the American adventure film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in which he portrayed Max. His other film roles include X-Men: The Last Stand in which he made a cameo appearance in 2006, Have Dreams, Travel (2007) and Fireflies in the Garden (2008).

Persona Life: Family and Girlfriend

Someone who describes himself as a proud Christian, Cayden Boyd has had quite the success in his career thanks in part to his family, who he said are very supportive. As previously mentioned, his parents are Debbie Boyd and Mike Boyd.

Debbie was a great support to Cayden and his sister. She was a flight attendant before later resigning from her job. With no prior acting experience, she coached Cayden and Jenna when they were young and just starting out. For all of her contributions to the children’s careers, she did not fit the negative stereotype of stage moms who lived off the children’s financial earnings, believing that doing so could break family dynamics.

The actor’s father, Mike Boyd, was once a Navy “Top Gun” aviator before deciding to become a delta pilot. While he’s also been supportive of Cayden, he’s always preferred to stay away from the whole Hollywood situation, which Debbie says is driving him crazy.

Cayden’s sister Jenna Boyd was born in 2003. She also began her career as a child actress and has since appeared in many television and film productions. Jenna has appeared in many films including The Missing That earned her a Young Artist Award and a Saturn Award nomination.

Regarding his dating life, Cayden hasn’t dated many women in the past. In fact, he’s only been publicly linked to two people in the past, Taylor Dooley and Jessica Mosbaugh. However, his relationships with both women ended only as rumors.


Cayden Boyd is a man who, in addition to his acting skills, also has good looks and a good physique. He is 1.83 m tall and weighs 1.83 kg. Although his training schedule is not yet available to the public, it is certain that he is making the effort needed to maintain his enviable physique.

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