Who are Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa siblings?

The Japanese-American actor is said to have just one sibling who is his brother Greg Tagawa but doesn’t know much about him. The only clue to the fact that he has a brother is that he revealed it in an interview in 2015. In that interview, he mentioned that when they moved to the US, their parents sent them both to Sunday school so that they would join the Christian faith. Cary described Greg as more American than him, as he easily entered the American Christian movement.

In 2013, Cary was said to have collaborated with the Orthodox Christians Pyotr Mamonov and Ivan Okhlobystin, who greatly influenced him, taking the sacrament of baptism on November 12, 2015 at the Joy of All That Sorrows Church in Moscow, Russia, making him one full-fledged Orthodox Christians.

wife, children

The License To Kill actor is not a man who is known to have been married to Sally Tagawa, but the couple divorced in 2014. However, no record of the actual marriage date has been released. Previously, Cary was reported to have been in a relationship with Illiana Fischer, although he was rumored to be married to her. However, no evidence was found. He is the father of three children named Calen, Brynne and Cana.

Height Weight

A well built man, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa uses his great physique to achieve the desired effect in his film roles – which mostly see him playing the protagonist. He is known to weigh around 83 kg and be 5ft 9in tall to walk with.