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Carson Wentz is an exciting young American footballer coming off the blocks. He currently plays in the National Football League (NFL) with the Philadelphia Eagles but was widely known for his college heroics with North Dakota State University (NDSU). It was there that he was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the second overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the highest selection for an FCS player to date.

The intriguing thing about this is that Carson became so successful at his craft at a very tender age. How old is he? You will have to scroll down for that along with other juicy facts about this young superstar including juicy facts about his marriage, info about who he is dating, girlfriend, salary , his net worth, his injuries and much more.

Carson Wentz Wiki And Family

Carson Wentz was born on December 30, 1992 in Raleigh, North Carolina as Carson James Wentz with the sun sign Capricorn. Although he was born in Raleigh, he grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota where his family moved when he was just three years old. His father, Doug Wentz, was a linebacker at Northern State and his mother’s name was Cathy Domres. Carson has two brothers – Zach and Luke Wentz.

Carson is a private person and does not say much about his parents, siblings or family, but his nationality is American and he is of white ethnicity. He attended Century High School, Bismarck, where he honed his exceptional football skills, playing quarterback and defensive back. Carson wasn’t just about the game, but also about his books as he graduated in 2011 as a class follower. He went on to attend North Dakota State University (NDSU) and averaged a 4.0 GPA throughout his school career while preparing for an exciting career as a quarterback in American football.

Height, career, Super Bowl and injuries

When he was in college, Carson Wentz was an exceptional and tremendous resource for the NDSU football team. As a quarterback, he led the team to five NCAA Football Championship Division (FCS) national championships, earning him several accolades, including Division I Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA. Due to his impact and skill on the field, he was selected to the Philadelphia Eagles team in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft takes place during the off-season and is a situation in which NFL franchises are permitted for eligible football players selected from the pool of freshly graduated high school football players in the United States. In the 2016 NFL Draft, Carson Wentz was selected as the No. 2 pick of the season (Jared Goff, also a quarterback, was the Los Angeles Rams’ No. 1 pick). It was the first time an FCS player was selected as the second choice. It’s the all-time record for an FCS player and Carson didn’t disappoint.

As a rookie, he got into the business and began breaking several NFL records — including most passes (attempted and completed) by a new quarterback — in the 2016 NFL season, his first. year with the Eagles. The trend continued into the 2017 season. On December 10, in week 14 of the 2017 season, Carson suffered a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury in the Eagles 43-35 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. The injury was in his left knee and was sad because he was having such a good season. He was second in the NFL in 33 touchdowns. It was also reported that he also tore his Iliotibial band (computer band) apart and was still recovering.



Yet at this young age, Carson leads the biggest names in sports in terms of touchdowns (TD). He holds the Eagles record for most players per quarterback and is at the forefront of the NFL overall. He scored 33 TD and 7 INT goals in just 13 games, a career high. Aaron Rodgers- 39-6 (2011); 35-3 (2014) and Tom Brady – 45-5 (2007); 33-6 (2015).

Carson and the NFL seem like matchup heaven. Its high waist, along with its athletic and proportional silhouette make it a perfect fit for sports and its fans are always keen to know its size and height. Light brown hair and blue eyes, Carson stands at a height of 1.9m (6ft 5in). He weighs 108 pounds (237 lbs) and his measurements are not yet known. He won’t be part of the Super Bowl quest as he’s still recovering from his unfortunate injury, but he’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles’ No. 1 fan as they take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Wife and friend of Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is unmarried and does not have any children. He’s not gay either, and his sexual orientation is straight. He has a girlfriend which may not be unusual for a young charmer like Carson. He was formerly in a relationship with Melissa Uhrich and she is said to have been his boyfriend since high school. She is a nurse in the United States and is also a charming beauty. Their relationship was very private despite Carson’s popularity. It’s a Christian that goes a long way towards explaining why the former lovebirds decided to stay apart (and not live there) until they walked down the aisle.

However, Carson is currently in a relationship with Madison Oberg. Little is known about Madison, as Carson does a good job of keeping her out of sight. But we do know that Madison attended Ozark Christian University before studying elementary education at Missouri Southern State University. She also worked in Ozark Admission in Joplin, Missouri and then joined a missions team – Mobilization Host Team Mission – that worked in Haiti.

Carson Wentz Salary, Net Worth

After being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2016 NFL Draft, Carson signed a four-year contract with the franchise in May 2016. The contract, worth $26.67 million, included a bonus signing of $17.6 million. That means Carson earns around $7 million a year. A car lover, he recently acquired a brand new Lamborghini worth around $450,000. Besides that, he also owns a Cadillac, a Range Rover, and a Corvette.

His net worth is not tied solely to his salary, he has personal investments. This has made it difficult to estimate his entire net worth and thus cannot be pegged to a particular figure, but with his assets and outstanding contract, his net worth is estimated between $15-73 million.

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