Bryan Dechart- Biography and Facts About Amelia Rose Blaire’s Husband

Bryan Dechart is not just one of the many faces that appear on the big screen every day. Compared to experienced players in the industry, its portfolio can be considered thin. Nevertheless, he has only been around since 2008 and he can devote many more years to his craft.

The actor is well educated and honed his skills at various acting schools before making his debut in animated film in 2008. For your entertainment.Bryan’s acting portfolio consists mostly of short films, but the actor has appeared in over 40 projects, including films, TV series and video games.

Some of his most popular works are Jane on Purpose , Step Up 3D , Dakota’s Summer , and Changed at Birth

Bryan Dechart – biography

The actor spent his childhood in Novi, Michigan,But he was born on March 17, 1987 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, Bryan was always interested in acting. After his high school education, he began working at his craft while attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduating with a BFA in acting. Dechart then visited Sanford Meisner, Viewpoints Studio, Stonestreet Studios for film and television, and the Experimental Theater Wing. He even had a stint abroad in the Italian Commedia dell’arte in Florence.

When the opportunity presented itself in 2008, Bryan Dechart grabbed it with both hands and lent his voice to For Your Entertainment. He would appear on the set of two other projects that same year: Blue Balled and Bar Mitzvah Season The following year he had a role as Calvin in the short film Obelisk Road That same year, Bryan made his television debut as Brian in a guest appearance on the television series Paragon. Then he followed it up with Z Rock, Three Birds With One Stone, and Transitions.

After 2009, the actor has been very busy as he appeared in over 15 projects at the end of 2011. He was Anton in Boost 3D (2010), Dale in The Devil’s Revenge (2010), Vincent in 800 Pound Gorilla (2011) and Dreams of a Petrified Head (2011). In 2012 he played a role in 8 episodes of Jane by Design, Whiplash, and Onset. More recently he has been in films such as The Rest (2014), First Night (2017) and You Only Have Each Other (2018).

Facts about Amelia Rose Blaire’s husband

1. Bryan is married to Amelia Rose Blaire

As previously mentioned, Bryan Dechart is married toAmelia Rose Blaire. Amelia, like her husband, makes a living from the entertainment world. Like her husband, she is also well trained as an actress and attended Sanford Meisner, among others. She’s been on popular shows like Drop Dead Diva, 90210, and Grimm. However, she is best known for her portrayal of Willa Burrell on HBO’s True Blood and as Piper Shaw on Scream. She was also in the film You Only Have Each Other with Bryan.

Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose got engaged in June 2017 and married the next year on June 30, 2018.

2. The actor has appeared in a few video games

Besides his work as an actor, Bryan is also a video game lover and streams his video game live on his Twitch account. Because of this, he has frequently worked with his wife on many of his streams.

Bryan Dechart has also continued his love of gaming by appearing in a few games as a playable character. His first game came in 2016. He played an uncredited game of Mafia III, voicing a few extras. Next, he was in the 2018 game Detroit: Become Human , developed for Sony’s PS4 console. In this game he played the role of Connor, an investigator of the Android police. His wife Amelia was also in the game and voiced the character Traci.

That same year, he appeared in a supporting role in the video game, Red Dead Redemption II

3. He has a few nominations and awards for his streaming efforts

In 2018, Bryan was nominated in two categories at the Golden Joystick Awards. He won Best Performer and Best New Streamer / Broadcaster, an award he shared with his wife. That same year, Dechart was also nominated for “Best Performer” and “Fan Favorite Male Voice Actor” at The Game Awards and Gamers’ Choice Awards, respectively.

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