Brian Dennehy – Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Is He Dead or Alive?

More than 4 decades, one hundred and sixty films, television series, television movies and a Golden Globe are part of Brian Dennehy’s legacy. Dennehy is a film, stage and television actor who has become one of the best in the business and one of the few to have had a sustained career year after year. His most popular works include First Blood Card (1982), Death of a Salesman (2000) and Knight of the Cups (2015). Find out more about his eventful life and career below.

Brian Dennehy Biography and Age

The actor was born Brian Manion Dennehy on July 9, 1938 in Connecticut. He was of Irish descent and was raised alongside his two brothers. Michael and Edward. Born into a very committed Catholic family, they moved to Long Island, where he had been raised, so the boys could attend Chaminade private Catholic school. At that time, young Brain was playing soccer before his teacher met him at the soccer field to tell him that he was a great actor as a soccer player. So he drew him into the school’s drama club and by the age of 14 he was playing Macbeth in Shakespear’s school play.

Despite this, he did not think much about how to actHe continued to play football, thanks to which he received a scholarship to Columbia University, where much later he studied history, and at Yale University he studied drama.

After graduating, Dennehy joined the Marine Corps and served until 1963. He later claimed he had fought in the Vietnam War, which has been disproved, and apologized for his lie.

Although he started acting much earlier, it was by his late thirties that he took it seriously and began making a living from acting. Brian Dennehy previously worked as a bartender and truck driver to support his family.

His first role came in Semi-Tough (1977), followed by Seeking Mr. Goodbar and Bumpers all in the same year. This was his start before joining First Blood in 1982 in what would be his first major work. The actor grows to cope with everything related to acting, including television and stage.

His most recent works are Hap and Leonard (2017), A Very Happy Toy Shop (2017), The Black List from 2016 to 2018 and Label (2018). For all his efforts, Brian has won a number of awards including CableACE Awards, Drama Desk Awards, Tony Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

wife and children

The actor has been married twice in the past. His first marriage was to Judith Scheff in 1949, but by 1974 the marriage was over. They had three children between them – Elizabeth Dennehy, an actress, Kathleen Dennehy and Deirdre Dennehy. Before her death in 2015, Judith had worked as a teacher.

The next woman to become Brian Dennehy’s wife is Jennifer Arnott, whom he married in 1988. The two have been together ever since and their union has produced two children; Cormack Dennehy, born 1993 and Sarah Dennehy, born 1995.


Obviously, Brian Dennehy is a man of good size and a physique that has helped him in many of the action roles he took on in his much younger days. That means he stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) while his body weight is 240 pounds (108 kg).

Is he dead or still alive?

Dennehy is one of the actors who has grown many since starting his career in 1977, the actor aspires to appear in at least one movie, TV series or TV movie every year except for 2014. With that, he is currently not as active as he used to be many years ago when he was younger. Because of this, many who have watched him since childhood wonder if the actor is dead or alive. He is very much alive and still active in Hollywood. In 2018 he worked on a number of projects including The Seagull and Tag.

In 2016, the actor lost his younger brother,Edward Dennehy, whose body was discovered the same day his wife died and the family broke the news to him. Popularly referred to as Ed, he was also an actor and this may have caused some people to confuse one for the other.

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