Bradley Chubb Biography, Career Stats, Height, Weight, Age and Other Facts

One of the most coveted passes North Carolina State University linebacker Bradley Chubb is not in the 2018 NFL draft. He was drafted 5th overall in the first round by the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Bradley Chubb Biography, Age

The Broncos linebacker was born to Aaron and Stacey Chubb on June 24, 1996 in his hometown of Marietta Georgia as Bradley Austin Chubb. His family is quite athletic with football in their blood. He has an older brother, Brandon Chubb, a linebacker who played his college career at Wake Forest and who signed with the Los Angeles Rams in 2016 as a free agent and whose father played at Gridon in Georgia, where he was a career star linebacker in the NFL on the move. Aaron was selected by the New England Patriots in 1989 as their final pick.

Sportsmanship is not limited to their immediate family. Chubb’s cousin, Nick Chubb, played as a running back for the Georgia Bulldogs. He was a second-round pick (35th) by the Cleveland Browns.

Bradley attended Hillgrove High School where he was a linebacker-defensive end hybrid. During his senior year, he helped his team reach the Georgia 6A Quarterfinals. He was also selected to play in the Senior Bowl Cobb Country All-Star. As his high school career drew to a close, he received a host of offers from different universities, including Duke, West Virginia, Wake Forest, East Carolina, but settled on North Carolina State University, to which he officially became engaged on his 17th birthday (June 24, 2013). )

At NC, Chubb had a dominant career and saw his high potentials sweetened. Although he didn’t get much playing time in his freshman year, he mostly broke up the base team roster early in his sophomore season, after switching from linebacker to defensive back. He continued as a starter in his junior and senior seasons, opening 38 of the 49 games he played.

Chubb ended his college career as a decorated player. In 2017, he received several accolades including All ACC First Team, All-America Unanimous First Team, Defensive Player of the Year, Bronko Nagurski Trophy (Top Defenseman) and Ted Hendricks Award (Top Defenseman). ).

Following a highly successful college gridiron phase, he was widely considered the best player in the 2018 NFL Draft and was expected to go in the first round. True to predictions, he was named by the Denver Broncos as the No. 5 pick. Plus, with his combination of size, athleticism, and technique, he’s already trending toward the starting lineup.

Career statistics

The Bronco is still in its rookie season, so NFL stats haven’t started rolling out. Nonetheless, here are some of his college stats that you will find simply amazing. Very talented, he has won several awards that highlight his prowess in defense, including the Bronko Nagurski Trophy awarded to the best defensive player in the country, becoming the first player in the country to win this award.

During his college career, Chubb totaled 203 tackles (103 solo), 26 sacks (157 yards), three passes on defense, one interception, eight forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. He became a career leader in NC State Wolfpack history in sacks (26) and tackled for loss (60), shattering the elite defensive flank and 2006 NFL Draft pick Mario William Marks. in both categories. After breaking records, he was named Atlantic Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year, the second player since 2000 to win the award.

In his final college season, Chubb led the ACC in sacks with 10, had 73 tackles (40 solo), 23 of which were loss tackles – ranking him second among NCAA Division I players in 2017 , three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

Size weight

Before his junior season in high school, he was only 205 pounds on his 6’1″ body, but a growth spurt put him at 6’4″ and 225 pounds for his junior season. However, he became a passing force of 269 pounds for the Wolfpack.Despite his size and weight, he shows the kind of quickness, flex and athleticism normally associated with much smaller players.

With a combination of athleticism, size, power, and technique that is also remarkable, he does a pretty good job of using his hands (fast and violent pair), another striking characteristic of his ideal athletic body. His footwork is also excellent, to say the least. Bradley Chubb is lanky with a broad chest, well-built shoulders and thick legs.

His measurements include:

Height : 6’4″ (1.94m)

Weight : 269 lbs (122 kg)

Hand size : 9 7 / 8 inches

Arm length : 34 inches

Other Facts About Bradley Chubb

Bradley mentioned Von Miller and Khalil Mack as players he portrays his game for during the 2018 Combine Scout NFL.

Williams, Bradley Chubb replaced his jersey with the number 9 he wore during his junior and senior seasons.

He was a three-star recruit, but missed most of his high school junior season with a knee injury.

His parents are both graduates of the University of Georgia and he would have loved to play for the Bulldogs if not for his low ranking and injury.

Bradley can be a great player on the court, but off the court he cuts an interesting personality as well. He can be playful. For example, he made headlines when he grabbed the towel from Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant during the first half of the Wolfpacks’ 38-31 loss to the Tigers on Nov. 4, 2017.

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