Brad Renfro – Bio, Son Net Worth, Was He Gay How Did He Die?

Brad Renfro is not a name dominating the entertainment scene right now, but the late actor will always be remembered by fans and friends. His first acting role was in the film The Customer, a role that came to him by accident. Previously, he had no acting background and lived with his grandmother in a trailer park. It so happened that director Joel Schumacher was scouring the country for a tough kid who had the tough life experience needed to take on the lead role. He decided to use Brad for the film and wasn’t disappointed with the result.

Brad Renfro soon attracted a healthy following as he continued to play leading roles in films such as The Cure, Tom and Huck and Sleeper After his participation in Appropriate Student which was released in 1998, he experienced multiple setbacks in the form of drugs and multiple criminal arrests that severely limited his performance. As a result, his career faded very quickly, and he later died as a result of drug abuse. Before his death, Brad appeared in a total of 21 feature films and won several awards and nominations for his entertainment efforts.

Biography: Who is Brad Renfro?

Brad Barron Renfro was born on July 25, 1982 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was the son of Mark Renfro – factory worker and Angela Denise Olsen. After his parents divorced, he lived with his paternal grandmother, Joanne Renfro, when he was five years old. His grandmother earned a modest living as a clerk at a church and accompanied him on set during his early years as an actor.

A notable member of his family, Jesse Hasek is the singer of the music band – 10 years. Brad Renfro appeared in the band’s music video for their song Wasteland. He played the role of a small-time drug dealer purveyor of N*E*R*D.

Brad started experimenting with alcohol and a lot of drugs from a very tender age. As he told his friends, his mother became addicted to heroin while pregnant with him, and he started using the substance at the age of 12 after being activated by his mother, who actually gave him his first dose. Brad started smoking marijuana at the age of 9 and it even led to his expulsion from school when he set fire to a store near a school official. His first exposure to alcohol was at the age of 11 and by the time he was 18 he had been to rehab several times.


The existence of Brad’s son was unknown during his lifetime, but no one was aware of the boy’s existence until his death, when his family revealed his son’s identity as Yamato Renfro. According to multiple sources, Brad had the boy with a woman he met in Japan. Born in 2003, Yamato currently lives in Japan with his mother.

Wealth (income and earnings)

According to several reliable sources, BradRenfro amassed a total of $300,000 as his estimated net worth before his death in January 2008. Had the actor not passed away so quickly, no doubt he would have added to his wealth over the years as he was a very talented actor.

was he gay

There is no evidence that Brad Renfro was gay, during his lifetime he had several public relationships with the opposite sex. His two-year relationship with Anne Bergstedt was well known to the public. He has also dated Daryl Hanna, Rachel Miner, Jennifer McDaniel, Gaby Hoffmann and Kelly Roberts over the years. With these facts, it can be confirmed that Brad Renfro was straight.

How did he die?

Brad Renfro died in his LA apartment on January 15, 2008 at the young age of 25. He was buried on January 22, 2008 in Tennessee at Red House Cemetery in Blaine. His death was ruled accidental by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, who attributed his death to acute heroin-morphine intoxication.

It is important to note that his grandmother died just 17 days after his death. She died at her home at the age of 76 and according to local authorities, she died of natural causes.

A few of Brad’s close friends were trying to commemorate his memory in one way or another, his former roommate Mark Foster — a founding member of the popularly known music band Nurture the People — recorded a song called Downtown In His Memory. Anne Bergstedt – his former girlfriend – set up a memorial fund for him and James Franco – the actor – and tattooed his name ‘Brad’ on his right shoulder. James Franco went one step further to produce a limited series of Switchblades labeled Renfro Forever.

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