Bertie Highmore – Biography, Siblings, Family, Other Facts

Let’s talk a little bit about famous siblings, the Williams sisters in the tennis world, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their reality TV series, the Hemsworth brothers giving thanks for their fame and fortune, and many other famous celebrity siblings, one of which They didn’t know they were related. possibly Freddie and Bertie Highmore. While the former is famous for Peter Llewelyn Davies in Finding Neverland (2004), Robert in Five Children and It (2004) and Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), who still has various roles in video games, television and film, among other roles hasn’t reached the surface of his acting career.

Considering this, it is only normal that many are not aware of anything about Bertie Highmore. But considering the kind of family he comes from, there’s no denying that the future looks bright for him if he decides to step up his acting career. More than just the basic facts related to his Biography the following things are worth knowing about this Highmore including details of his family life and what you have.

Bertie Highmore’s biography

Somewhere in London, England, UK and on February 8th, 1995, Bertie Highmore was born to Edward Highmore and his wife Sue Latimer. Although he is now known by the name Bertie Highmore, it is reported that the name he was given upon birth was Albert Samuel Highmore.

As his brother, Freddie was a pupil of HampsteadGarden Suburb, where he received his earliest education, it has been suggested that this was the primary school Bertie also attended. Freddie attended the British co-educational Independent Day School (Highgate School) before moving to Emmanuel College, Cambridge. While it’s possible Bertie was forced to attend these schools, the details of his education are best known to him.

Of course, you will easily find that Bertie Highmore is an actor, but unlike his brother, who has worked on many television works and even more films, and has dozens of prestigious awards and nominations to his credit for his efforts, Bertie is known only for his role as Col in Women Who Talks Dirty , the 1999 British comedy film in which he played his brother’s brother.

Since then, Bertie has not been involved in any work, at least to the best of my knowledge. In fact, hardly anyone can tell if they intend to make acting their career. However, one thing is for sure, his family has everything he needs to break into the industry once he’s ready.

His family (siblings and parents)

So far we have been able to determine that Freddie Highmore is Bertie Highmore’s brother. Born on February 14, 1992, Freddie is Bertie’s only sibling. You can read more about him here. Aside from Freddie, who managed to establish himself as one of the finest English actors, other members of Bertie’s family are known for their endeavors in the entertainment industry.

While his father, Edward Highmore has been active as an actor since 1984, it’s no secret that Bertie’s mother, Sue Latimer, is a talented agent and producer who has famous actors such as Daniel Radcliffe, Philip Glenister, Lisa McGrillis, Adam Godley and Stephanie Gil as clients. Meanwhile, Edward became famous for playing roles such as Malkon in BBC’s Doctor Who (1984), Leo Howard in Howard’s Way (1985-1990) and most recently Cabinet MP in the British comedy film, Ali G Indahouse

Considering BertieHighmore’s family’s involvement in the acting industry, it’s not naïve to think that he would be fine if he decided to act as his chosen profession.

More facts about Bertie Highmore

1. His father and brother had the opportunity to work together. They were cast as father and son in the American TV miniseries, Jack and the Beanstalk: The True Story.

2. As a producer, his mother has films like Ahead of the Class (2005) and Patrick (2018) to her credit. The latter earned her a nomination for the British National Film Award in 2019.

3. In 2018 his brother was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. He was nominated in the Best Actor category for the TV series Drama. that was for his role in The Good Doctor

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