Bernice Burgos Career, Daughter, Dating and Net Worth

Life is cruel and so are the opportunities it presents to an individual. The person has to work odd hours to get the success they want. The case of Bernice Burgos The lady, without much effort from anyone and without hard work, made a name for herself.

If being a reader of this article and a fan of animators like Rick Ross and J. Cole, then surely the name Bernice should overlap. The beautiful lady has surely appeared once in their videos. The reader could surely find some unknown and interesting things about the lady if you stick to it till the end.

Bernice Burgos: Quick Facts

FULL NAME: Bernice Burgos
DATE OF BIRTH: 1980/04/17
AGE: 41
PLACE OF BIRTH: Los Angeles, California
RESIDENT: new York
HEIGHT: 5 ft 7 in
WEIGHT: 56 kilograms
ETHNICITY: Afro-American
EYE COLOUR: Chestnut
PROFESSION: Model, actress
JOINT: Unknown
NET VALUE: $1.5 million, starting in 2021
PRESENCE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , Youtube

Burgos was born on April 17, 1980 , making him 41 years old in 2019 . The identity of the parents, however, is unknown to people in general. The woman was born of Puerto Rican heritage in Bronx, New York. Age and bio

The lady was raised in the tri-state area between Jersey and New York. The exact level of education of the lady is not known to the general public, but she had to drop out of school after her teenage pregnancy.

Youth and career

Rising from the Grass to Grace is the perfect Bernice story. The beautiful teenager had to drop out of school because of her teenage pregnancy. The hard times didn’t end there when she was kicked out of the house by her grandmother.

Bernice had to work hard to make ends meet and fill the child’s belly. To think of feeding a child wins at the age of 15 alone is daunting. The hardworking lady worked as a bartender and also as a waitress, serving drinks to carter the family as well.

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The time came when she got into modeling and also worked as a waitress. In early 2000 the African American beauty was the mainstay of various men’s cover magazines. The rise of the diva continued and also followed a good heavyweight fan.

Immediately after that, Burgos started appearing in the music videos of top rappers as well as musicians. The diva starring in Jaheim Won’t Leave Without You , Cole’s work, and more. The new role took some time, and then decided to give him full time.

The lady’s magazine portfolio includes XXL Eye Candy, KING Magazine , Show Magazine , and more. The video shoot, however, also includes new hip-hop.

Relationship and daughters

The relationship she has been involved in is definitely one of the main reasons why she has a good name and fan following. 2012 she was spotted spending a lot of time with Duck and was rumored to be together.

There were even rumors about their 2015 engagement, but the rumors were put to rest after they parted ways. The list continued after that; the pretty dated lady Marion Knight CEO of Kapital Registers, as well as a football player.

The in-between things lasted for a while and then came TI the main thing in 2016 Rumors hit the market, saying the two were together. The words were so excited that TI was supposed to be divorced from the current wife. Negative eyes were on Bernice a lot because she was dating a man who was married to Tina

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The relationship was onto something when T.I. introduced her at Meek Mill’s birthday party in May 2017 Later, it didn’t go well and they broke up. After this separation, there is no news of Bernice with anyone.

One of the youngest pregnant teenagers is surely Bernice. It is a matter of the fact that the lady gave birth to Ashley at 15 years old on May 9, 1996. Ashley is also very beautiful, like her mother. In 2017 a rumor came of Bernice being pregnant, but she dismissed the rumor.

In March 2018 , Ashley got pregnant and gave birth to Amarie, which made Bernice the youngest grandmother for sure. Bernice, however, has another daughter Sarai as well who is ten years younger than Ashley.

Net value

The hard-working entrepreneur is a self-made star. The lady’s Instagram feed is always filled with lingerie lines. The net worth of the diva is estimated at $1.1 million.

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The higher feature in music videos with great musicians along with the rapper is proof that the net worth will surely increase. The grass to grace star is something that defines the hard work that will always be there.

Presence on social networks

The cover girl is for sure a famous face in the Hollywood industry and also very present in social media.

Instagram 5.2 million subscribers

Twitter 120k followers

Facebook 124,129 subscribers

Youtube 10km

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