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Ben Zobrist is an award-winning American professional baseball player who is currently the number one runner-up and the Chicago Cubs’ MVP. He is popularly known by the nicknames Zo, Zobi Wan Kenobi, Zoby, Benny-Zo, and Zorilla.

Biography – Zobi’s early life

Benjamin Thomas Zobrist was born on May 26, 1981, in the small town of Eureka, Illinois, where he also grew up. As the son of Cynthia and Tom Zobrist, senior pastor of Liberty Bible Church in Eureka, Ben was raised in the faith of Christ.

In high school, he played college baseball and wanted to continue playing in college, but college recruiters weren’t offering any baseball offers. After graduating at the top of his class, Zobrist originally planned to attend Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri (his father’s alma mater), believing his baseball career was over.

But Zobrist ultimately made one of the best decisions of his life after his high school coach convinced him to attend a tryout in nearby Peoria with $50 of his birthday money. Zobrist succumbed and there he impressed the coach at Olivet Nazarene University who offered him a baseball scholarship which he accepted. He then transferred to Dallas Baptist University for his senior year after pitching and playing short-stop at Olivet. In Dallas, he also played short-stop and developed enough all-around skills to be drafted into MLB as an all-around super utility.

Ben Zobrist’s Salary and Net Worth

A personality with most of baseball’s highly valued solid skills – contact skills, disc discipline and modest power, Zobrist has had an interesting career in baseball.

Ben made his MLB debut for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays after being selected and traded in the 6th round by the Houston Astros. The Eureka native played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from 2006 to 2013. He earned the team’s MVP award in 2009 and two all-star spots. In 2013, Zobrist was traded to the Oakland A’s and Kansas City mid-season. After the playoffs with Kansas City, he signed a four-year, $56 million contract that included a $2 million bonus with the Chicago Cubs to continue his remarkable baseball career.

In 2016, Zobrist was voted in the All-Star Game and later named World Series Most Valuable Player (the only World Series MVP in Cubs history). In league standings, it ranks 58th in market value and 2nd in second place.

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Zobrist’s revenues for the years 2018 and 2019 are $16.5 million and $12.5 million respectively. His net worth, which is a total of his salary and deals, is estimated at $31 million. Given the gradual holding of Zobrist’s net worth over the past few years, this value is expected to continue to appreciate over the years.

Personal life – his family, wife and children

Zobrist talks enough about his Christian faith. He is known to often discuss his faith and credits his success to God who he says helped him realize he was supposed to play baseball. He is a former counselor for Camp of Champions USA, a summer Christian day camp in central Illinois. He speaks at religious events and undergoes Bible studies with his teammates.

Ben Zobrist is married to a Christian pop singer, speaker and author, Julianna Zobrist, who is also the daughter of a pastor. They met via instant messaging in 2001 and started a “godly” relationship. Four years later, they bonded and now have three children: a son, Zion Benjamin, born February 1, 2009, and two daughters, Kruse Allegra, born September 19, 2011, and Blaise Royal, born November 6. 2015

The couple who live in Franklin, Tennessee, have very successful careers that require them to be on the road 8 months out of the year. But to balance professional careers and parenthood, Ben and Julianna say they are determined to travel together and speak together at events in order to live out their dreams. The couple also have a six-day rule: a promise never to be apart from each other for more than six days.

In 2014, the couple co-wrote an autobiographical book titled Double Play: Faith and Family First . Julianna has so far released a full studio album Unbreakable which has sold at least 3000 copies and only one Safe. His songs are not too religious but a mixture. While some are about God, others are love ballads about her husband and her commitment to him.

Height – How tall is Ben?

Standing quite tall at a height of 1.91m (6.3ft), Ben Zobrist has been described as one of baseball’s most consistent, versatile, durable and best players. The man is also one of the most lovable personalities in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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